Dance Degrees and Auditioning

Majoring in Dance

Dance majors develop the ability to concentrate, listen, observe, solve problems, think critically, work collaboratively, work independently, work under pressure, meet deadlines, and cultivate resilience through the discipline and self-reflection of physical and intellectual challenge.

Our majors go on to careers in performing, choreographing, teaching in dance and health and wellness sectors, grant writing, design, stage management, arts administration, and physical therapy for dancers.

WWU Dance is committed to helping students build a successful career path after graduation through our Senior Seminar course.

Planning for a flexible part time job for financial stability such as Pilates or Yoga teaching is encouraged through local training programs under advisement. Dance Majors are eligible to complete an Arts Enterprise and Cultural Innovation minor (AECI) to foster entrepreneurial skills for artists.

four dancers in solid color costumes pose dynamically


Contact Director of Dance Susan Haines.


Degrees and Application Requirements

Major: Bachelor of Arts in Dance (BA)

The BA has a liberal arts orientation. It is designed for students with a general interest, rather than a career interest in performing or choreographing. BA candidates will focus on pedagogical and historic aspects of dance.

Program Details for Dance BA

Application Requirements

You may declare if you are placed in Contemporary 1 or above, after consultation with Susan Haines, Director of Dance.


Teaching Endorsement

Program Details

Application Requirements

Students completing a teacher certification program and endorsable major in a subject other than Dance may qualify for an additional endorsement in Dance by completing requirements listed above. This will allow you to teach Dance in Washington State public schools. See the Woodring College of Education section of the WWU Catalog for more information on teacher certification programs and approved majors.

Major: Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance (BFA)

The BFA degree is a selective program which admits exceptionally committed, disciplined, and talented students. The BFA degree also requires recommendation of faculty members.

Program Details for Dance BFA

Application Requirements

The BFA is by nomination only. It is assumed that BFA graduates will continue in the field of dance, either professionally or in graduate school.

BFA candidates apply in spring of their Junior year. After review, the faculty votes on the candidates.

Please review our nomination checklist and the nomination policy for more details.

Dance Minor

Application Requirements

You may declare the Minor at anytime. Transfer students must fulfill a minimum of 18 hours of the required courses.

Virtual Auditions

You can audition in a Level Placement class. All new students interested in the Dance Major, Minor, or taking dance classes as non-majors should attend this class to be assigned a technique level.

How do I audition?

If you are interested in the BFA degree

Declare the BA as soon as possible after placing in Contemporary 1 or higher.  In spring of your Sophomore or Junior year you may then apply for BFA candidacy.

BFA candidacy requires nomination by the faculty as a whole.
As part of this application process students are required to perform for Dance faculty a solo that they have choreographed.

Regardless when a student is accepted as a BFA candidate, their BFA Capstone occurs spring quarter of their Senior year at Western.