Dance at Western

Discover your artistic voice

Dance majors at WWU are celebrated for their individuality and varied interests within the field of dance and beyond, and are challenged to discover their own artistic voice as performer, choreographer, and scholar.

Dancers at Western engage in a rigorous physical and intellectual understanding of movement art.  Today’s dancers are making and changing history as they reflect on the role of dance in our society through a multi-faceted lens.

WWU Dance majors are contributing to contemporary thinking about dance and art making through in-depth study of dance technique and performance, somatic practices, anatomy and kinesiology, choreography and creative process, dance history, career preparation and entrepreneurial skills, and interdisciplinary study.

Students collaborate with faculty and internationally known guest artists. They are immersed in the rigor of practice, with both physical and intellectual approaches to artistic process.  

The College of Fine and Performing arts offers opportunities for interdisciplinary study. Students from Music, Theatre and Visual Art innovate together through collaborative projects.

We offer progressive approaches to physical and creative practice to support thinking artists and artistic thinkers that are ready to “make waves” in the field of dance.

a dancer flies through the air, looks like she's been tossed by a second smiling dancer

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Featuring guest choreographers Noelle Price, Cameron McKinney, and Quilan "Cue" Arnold.


A message to students about Fall Quarter Dance classes

Fall Quarter Dance classes will be held online, with the majority of classes meeting together via Zoom at their scheduled time. This format allows us to

  1. prioritize the safety of our students
  2. promote a connected learning community of dancers just as we would in the studio
  3. focus your technique training on strength, conditioning, performance presence, and individual feedback
  4. pursue new creative collaborations with visual arts, music, creative writing classes, and more with performance opportunities created through the courses.

YES 100% YES we want to get students dancing in the studios ASAP. However, the research from the National Dance Education Organization (NDEO), International Association of Dance Medicine and Science(IADMS), and epidemiologists is stating that high exertion activities in an enclosed space are not recommended.

The spread of COVID-19 through droplets at high exertion is still a high risk activity, even while wearing a mask. There are many schools that are attempting to return to studios with smaller groups of students, but based on the research and testing availability at this time, we cannot validate the safety of this approach as high exertion activities in an enclosed space are deemed high risk. We are carefully following the research and will shift to in-person classes as soon as we know that we can safely do so. We are adhering to the WA state guidelines to ensure the safety of our students, faculty, and staff.

 Around the globe, dancers have not stopped. Dancers pivoted (as we do so well!) to a new way of working, a way that has opened up a new path for artistic opportunities. We look forward to taking this journey with you.

Renowned Guest Choreographers

WWU Dance students have the unique opportunity to perform works created by renowned guest choreographers. These have included:

  • Trisha Brown
  • Alan Good
  • Martha Graham
  • Mark Haim
  • Hannah Kahn
  • Cyrus Khambatta
  • Lar Lubovitch
  • Wade Madsen
  • Susan Marshall
  • Mark Morris
  • Kraig Patterson
  • Joachim Schloemer
  • Doug Varone