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We believe everyone should be dancing! And that #everybodyisadancingbody!

To register for a Dance class, start by emailing Pam Kuntz with the classes you're interested in. Pam can get you the deets on registering - and let you know whether you need to submit a video for level placement.

Beginner level classes

If you know you are starting a new dance style and the "Beginner" class will be best for you, you do not need to submit a video, you can go ahead and register for the Beginning level of classes.

If you need to submit a video

We understand that the flooring and spaces you have to film in may not be ideal. For any large jumping/traveling sequences we are happy to see you dancing outside in sneakers due to the limitations of inside floors and spaces. Please position the camera in order to show full height and reach of limbs with lower and upper body for all exercises. Dress code: dance/exercise attire to ensure clarity of form in the movements.

How to submit your video

Please upload your video(s) to either YouTube or Vimeo.

  • If Youtube you may choose the "unlisted" option.
  • If Vimeo you may choose the "private link" option.

Both of these choices allow you to share a link that will only be viewable by those who have the link. The videos will not be available to the public.

Your video only needs to remain available at this link until you hear from us regarding your placement.

Email your video link to pam.kuntz@wwu.edu

Video Content

  1. Tell us who you are: Your name, year at WWU (freshman, sophomore, transfer, etc), your pronouns, indicate if you are interested in the Dance Major or Minor, or recreational classes only, and please share something unique about yourself so we can get to know you. 
  2. Contemporary submission (if this is a style you perform)
  3. Ballet submission (if this is a style you perform)
  4. Hip-Hop submission (if this is a style you perform)


1. Three to Five minutes maximum:

To assess alignment (please film from the front as well as from the side - simply rotate between sides or positions) include examples of Contemporary warm up material such as: 

  • folding and lengthening of the legs (plies) including curved torso, parallel and turn out
  • foot work such as brushes, weight transfers, under and over curves, including curved torso in parallel and turn out
  • attitude leg swings in parallel and turn out, arms up to you
  • extensions - parallel and turn out, use of curved torso and arms

2. Three minutes maximum:

Combination/improvisation - material you have learned or material that you have created. This can either be choreographed or improvised. Please include the following:

  • slow balancing movement that shows a challenge in shifting weight and position
  • low space movement (floor work)
  • high space with limbs reaching through space
  • variation in quality and dynamics

3. One minute maximum:

Jumps and traveling leaps - If your living room won't accommodate this assignment, and it likely won't, then head outside and dance on a level stretch of soft ground. Sneakers encouraged. 

In number 1 we are looking for placement and alignment. In numbers 2 and 3 we are of course looking at your technique, but we also want to get to know you as a mover and performer. Show us what you’ve got…all your moves and grooves. Don’t be afraid to have fun with this.


Five minutes maximum (barre and center combined):

Barre work
  • pliés and cambrés 2nd and 5th (right side only)
  • battements tendus and battement jetés (left side only)
  • adage: fondu, developpé (right side only)
  • grands battements (left side only)
Center work
  • port de bras and small adagio: temps lie, pas de basque, developpés demonstrating croisé devant, effacé devant, and first arabesque (right side only)
  • simple pirouettes en dehors with any preparation (fourth or fifth) (only if these have already been taught) (both sides)

Five minutes maximum:

  • one enchaînment including sautés, changement des pieds and échappés
  • one enchaînment of petit allegro (glissades, jetés, assemblé, only if these have already been taught) (one side only)
  • one enchaînment of grand allegro (performed outside, wearing footwear of your choice due to small spaces and hard floors) (one side only)

Hip Hop

Five minutes maximum:

A hip-hop combination that demonstrates rhythmic acuity, isolations, full body weight shifts or traveling steps, and freestyle movements of your choosing. This can be material you learned or material that you choreographed. This can also be an improvisation. Show us your stuff.