Dr. David Rystrom Memorial Scholarship for Arts Enterprise and Cultural Innovation


11:59 p.m. Sunday, April 30, 2023


$2,000 Awarded for the 202-2023 Academic Year


The Dr. David Rystrom Memorial Scholarship is granted to a student in the Arts Enterprise and Cultural Innovation Minor who is a major in the College of Fine and Performing Arts. Students are selected for their embodiment of AECI program principals in their creative work as demonstrated in their application essay.

The scholarship may be used to pay any costs related to educational expenses, including, but not limited to, tuition, books, materials, supplies, etc.

This memorial scholarship was created for the Arts Enterprise and Cultural Innovation (AECI) program in the College of Fine and Performing Arts in honor of Dr. David Rystrom. Dr. Rystrom supported and believed in artists from all walks of life. He believed that if they could better understand their business practice, they could be empowered to do even greater things. It is the hope of the friends and family of Dr. Rystrom that this scholarship may help a student of the arts to gain crucial education in the AECI program, and be encouraged to do great things in their art.

Application Materials

Essay and Transcript

Essay Prompt

The AECI minor gives students the foundational tools needed to be successful in creative self, team and project leadership. Students achieve the articulation of a personal brand, and adopt frameworks for personal and organizational leadership, gain a foundational understanding of the principals of business entity formation, marketing and finance. How do you intend to use your current and future AECI learning to craft a self-guided creative career?

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Status message

The AECI Rystrom Scholarship application is currently closed. Please contact Alona Christman at 360-650-6166 with any questions.