Theatre Degrees

Theatre Concentrations

The Theatre Program offers a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Theatre with the opportunity to specialize in one or more of the following concentrations:WWU's BA Theatre Program Named Top Ten by OnStage

  • Acting
  • Costume Design
  • Directing
  • Dramatic Writing
  • Educational Theatre
  • Lighting Design
  • Musical Theatre
  • Scenic Design
  • Stage Management
  • Technical Theatre


To declare your major in Theatre, please visit the Department of Theatre and Dance Office located in PAC 395.

Theatre Minor and Theatre Education

Students can also pursue a minor in Theatre or a teaching endorsement, which is offered in conjunction with the Woodring College of Education.

actors in gaudy 19th century costume pose with elan.

The following are central to the undergraduate degree in Theatre:

  • Knowledge of major works of dramatic literature from a variety of diverse cultures.
  • Knowledge of the history of theatrical production - its styles, conventions and social context -- from the ancient Greeks to the present.
  • Knowledge of the means by which theatrical production is realized.
  • Knowledge of the role of theatre in forming the past, present, and future of society.

In addition, students completing a degree in Theatre will possess:

  • The ability to analyze and interpret dramatic literature and performance from the standpoint of a designer, performer, director, playwright, or critic.
  • The ability to safely and effectively use the tools and equipment basic to theatre production and design technology.
  • The ability to communicate with an audience through at least one of the components of the theatrical arts.
  • The ability to function effectively as a member of a collaborative team in the preparation and realization of a public performance.


Assessment of these competencies is accomplished through a final evaluation of each student. This examination may take the form of a performance project, the presentation of a written thesis, or submission of a design portfolio. Since the theatre arts comprise many fields, advanced projects will vary from student to student.