a group of students pose for a photo on their trip to New York City. They are on a bridge with the cables nearby and the skyline behind.
 Join us on February 1 for an information session about our summer 2023 global study class in NYC.

a hula leader kneeling in a dance pose on the grass extending one arm in a graceful gesture
 Guest Artist Toni Pasion will be choreographing for this spring's "Dance in Concert." Come to the auditions on Tuesday, January 31 at 6 p.m. at the Commissary Studios at Western.

a painting of a horse by an indigenous artist. Stylistically similar to paleolithic drawings. Red splashes evoke erupting wounds. "war is heck" written on it.
 The Western Gallery on the campus of Western Washington University presents “Arbitrary Borders: Works by artists of color in Washington’s State Art Collection” from January 5 through March 17, 2023.

diaphonous fabric panels with delicate images of a partially defoliated maple tree
 Whatcom Museum’s exhibition “Katazome Today: Migrations of a Japanese Art” presents contemporary visions of a unique and historically significant Japanese textile-dyeing process. The exhibition is co-curated by Seiko A. Purdue, Professor in Fibers/Fabrics and Western alum Amy Chaloupka, Curator of Art at the Whatcom Museum.

antique map of old London, England
 Register by Friday, January 6 at 10 p.m. to audition for Lauren Gunderson's "The Book of Will" directed by Evan Mueller. Auditions are open to all current Western students.

a person smiling broadly holds a blue ceramic olla near their head. The jug is blue and decorated with poi.
 When an injury took WWU Women's Basketball player Dani Iwami off the courts, her student journey took an interesting turn. Along the way she connected with Jennifer Anable and Ryan Kelly of WWU Art & Art History and discovered a passion she didn't know she had.

An aged black and white snapshot of ranks of barracks buildings against steep, aired snowcapped mountains.
 On Thursday, December 1 at 5 p.m. the Western Gallery presents "Resistance & Resiliency: Accounts from Japanese American Incarceration Camps of WWII." This event welcomes two representatives of Nikkei Northwest, Fumio Otsu and Gail Kuromiya, to speak about the Japanese Incarceration Camps of World War II.

A large artwork in the window of a shop shows medical illustrations juxtaposed with plastic consumer items.
 Associate Art Professor Lisa Turner's work "Plastic Bodies" is on display until January 30, 2023 at 345 Boren Ave N. in Seattle as part of Shunpike's Storefront Program.

a young woman leans her head on the knee of a young man. There is a fir tree behind them.
 The WWU spring 2022 opera production of Puccini’s Suor Angelica and Carlisle Floyd’s Slow Dusk was awarded Second Place in Division II of the National Opera Association’s Opera Production Competition. This is the principal opera competition for university and conservatory programs across the United States.

Savannah LeCornu wrapped in a tribal blanket, smiling
 Savannah LeCornu, WWU alumna, ’14, brings multiple talents to Western and the surrounding community. She works on Theatre productions at WWU and Mt Baker Theatre, and her main focus of creating diverse art that is special to her indigenous relatives and that anyone can afford to enjoy.

glass atrium of the Western Gallery
 We are currently looking for guest DJs, designers, artists, musicians and sound designers to become part of our all volunteer army of sonic liberation.

a ceramic turkey with a cartoonishly vacant expression. or maybe it is suprised.
 Bellingham's Circa Pottery hosts the work of Art & Art History's Ryan Kelly for the Friday, November 4 ArtWalk. Find the alley entrance between Commercial and Cornwall.

a dancer in a wheelchair leans the chair to the side onto one set of wheels while the dancers arms are extended in the opposite direction in a curve.
 WWU Dance is partnering with Kuntz and Company to present "Documenting Grace: a Film Series," beginning Sunday, November 13. The series of six films was selected to portray dance in its power to give voice to people through movement.

a pinwheel shaped painting with many colors
 BFA Studio Art alum Debbi Kenote's works appear in five upcoming or current exhibitions in Toronto, Beijing, Oakland, Connecticut, and Seattle. Image: Debbi Kenote, Anemone, 2022, Acrylic on dyed canvas over shaped stretcher bar, 25 x 25 in. (63.5 x 63.5 cm)

an artist reclines on a stoop or patio in an urban environment
 "Being vulnerable and showing up as my true self and having others recognize that and accept me fully for who I am makes me feel liberated."

a woman stands in front of a brightly painted mural of Mexican folk dancers
 At 14 feet tall and 63 feet wide, "Root to Rise" is the biggest painting Christen Mattix has ever created, although she did knit a rope of yarn from Bellingham's South Hill to Bellingham Bay — a feat that took more than three years.

a concert hall seating area
 A brief guide to help ensure you and your fellow audience members have the best experience possible.

a shadowy night time street scene punctuated by bring splashes of neon. A silhouette of a couple receeds into the distance of the street.
 Sign up by November 11 to audition for "Street Scene" - an American Opera by Kurt Weill and Langston Hughes - jointly staged by Music, Theatre, and Dance.

watercolor image of a person dead or sleeping with an inky mass of black hair spreading like moss or roots over an old frame building with flaking wooden shingles.
 Sign up by 10 p.m. on October 21 to audition for "what the Gods gave me," written by WWU alum Eryn Elyse McVay.

two college students stand in front of a brick wall.
 Western Washington University’s Department of Design is proud to announce that 2022 graduates, Isabel Barni, Jacqueline Karis, Sybil Roberts, Joshua Shinoda, Charlie Sperry, Mavis Yao, and current seniors, Charlotte Offin and Daniel Geiszler, have won awards for their projects.

a french horn
 Music ensemble auditions are OPEN - September 19 and 20. Get in touch with us to learn more!

a sextet of small musician figurines sit on a driftwood log near a lake with mountains behind
 "We spent the last year working on our website, our logo, gathering musicians, dreaming up our first season, finding a new home."

a dancer in a green outfit sits in a director's chair on a video production set
 Macklemore is rocking center stage but we’re all eyes for alum and 2021-2022 WWU Hip-Hop faculty Cieon White dancing in the newly released video.

a person stands in front of a very large colorful mural on an exterior building wall
 Color perception is both nature and nurture. Take blue: In psychological terms, our response to blue evokes tranquility, serenity, and safety. Nowadays these associations are used purposefully by many financial institutions in their logos. And yet, there’s “feeling blue.”

Aidyn Stevens smiles at the camera.
 With a major in theatre arts and minors in music, arts enterprise and cultural innovation, and honors interdisciplinary studies, Aidyn is a performance artist who has held leading roles on stage and behind the scenes. Her performance in “Henry V” earned an Irene Ryan Nomination from the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival.

Carly Cloward has a blue shirt, glasses, and long light brown hair. Carly is smiling.
 Carly Cloward has been an incredible leader in Theatre as she participated in both departmental productions as well as student clubs and community performances, performing and writing works for Plays4Us, regularly volunteering to direct scenes outside of her own course work, and staying active in STP and Dead Parrots Society rehearsals and shows.

Emma Rose DeSantis appears to be stuck to a wall by her shoulder and neck, but it's a visual trick because the image is rotated 90 degrees on pupose, and she's really in a shoulder stand on the floor. The wall is blue, her short dress is burgundy.
 Congratulations to our Outstanding Graduates from the College of Fine and Performing Arts, including: Emma Rose DeSantis, Outstanding Graduate of Dance, who worked with contemporary dance theatre Whyteberg based in LA for her Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Dance Capstone performance.

Side-by-side photos of two very similar looking people. The one on the left is Alex, who holds a trumpet. The one on the right is Jordan, who holds a saxophone.
 In four short years, Alex made incredible improvements as a musical performer; Jordan brought an infectious sense of enthusiasm and eagerness to learn to the classroom, to performance ensembles, and to the offices of his professors.

an actor sings while holding out one hand
 Playwrights Leonard and Losansky were intentional about bringing their own experiences to light in a play that focused on the queer community without having the plot be mired in trauma — and that included bringing the stories of real people into the mix.

Richard Hodges
 Richard Hodges, DMA, joins the faculty of the Music Department in the Fall of 2022 as the new Director of Voice Studies.

Ryan Dudenbostel wears a blue seater and holds a conductor's baton
 Ryan Dudenbostel, Western's Director of Orchestral Studies, will host a series of virtual pre-concert talks for the prestigious annual Bellingham Festival of Music's 2022 season.

Smiling bearded person with glasses
 Paul Bain will join the music faculty at Western Washington University this fall as a visiting Assistant Professor of Music and the Interim Director of Bands.

illustration of a place mat with some diner food advertising Pump Bpys and Dinettes
 WWU Student Comp code for opening night is STUDENT22 - Tickets in advance at, or purchase at the door with ID.

digital music recording station
 Learn the basics of audio recording, mixing, and editing, the underlying principles of MIDI, the ins and outs of analog and digital synthesis, as well as the fascinating history of electronic music creators, performers, engineers, instruments, devices, and more!

DJ spins records. Text overlay with hip-hop related terms
 This online course executes a survey of Hip-Hop through the study of the major works of Hip-Hop Music's most influential artists. The course will cover the history, culture and influence of the art form; from the beginning as a Black inner-city youth movement of the early 1970's to a major popular culture center in the early 21st century.

Chrome bumper, acoustic guitar, cowboy boots
 You don't need a ten-gallon hat to register - you don't need a belt buckle the size of a license plate.

several balck and white images superimposed show vegetation and dancers
 Western students will have the opportunity to present their own art for social justice pieces during the informal performances at the culmination of the residency with NYC dance artist Briana Reed.

three design students holding trophies
 All students won in the category: Elements of Advertising, Animation or Special Effects.

several people on a stage in front of a projection of the award winner's photo
 We are honored to present Gabrielle Kazuko Nomura Gainor (’10) the College of Fine and Performing Arts Distinguished Alumni Award for 2022!

cover of the conference booklet. name of conference over reddish image of people moving
 Director of Dance Susan Haines has been selected by the Dance Studies Association to present at the their annual conference in Vancouver, B.C. in October of 2022.

in a surreal park, squirrels with muscular human arms and torsos hand each other huge nuts
 The Western Washington University Department of Design announces Design Days 2022! With events already in full swing, there's plenty to take in.

a dancer in a burgundy dress leaping in front of a concrete wall
 Thanks to Monica Gutchow, Mrs. Carole Hoerauf, the Office of the Dean of the College of Fine and Performing Arts, and the Western Washington University Foundation for supporting the work of our Dance students.

Rashawn Nadine Scott sits on the floor in a patterned sleeveless dress looking comfortable and confident
 Hear about Rashawn’s journey from WWU, to Chicago, to LA working professionally on stage and screen (including South Side on HBO Max).

a sabel background frames a black female dancer in a form fitting bodice flinging her head and arms back so far they reach toward the floor. Her leg extends from the floating pinwheel of voluminous white fabric comprising her skirt.
 WWU Dance is bringing in internationally known artist Briana Reed to set a new piece on our students. We hope you will be able to participate in this residency.

people in the b gallery
 Do you dream about running your own gallery creating groundbreaking art programming to encourage and support artists in your community?

a small theatre stage facing the seats
 The Department of Theatre and Dance will be holding auditions for William Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet" on May 13 and 14. Professor of Theatre Mark Kuntz will direct the production. Performances are set for Fall Quarter 2022.

three people sit on a bench in front of a large window
 “I had weekly meetings with Aric [Mayer] and Lucas [Senger]. They helped me develop the idea behind HodWall way back before I graduated college when The Blue Room wasn't a thing yet.”

three young adults stand on a corner with a modern glass building behind them
 The Arts Enterprise and Cultural Innovation minor is intended to enhance the College of Fine and Performing Arts ("CFPA") majors, whose career paths place them working successfully as an artist or working successfully in an arts-oriented institution.

still from an 8 mm reel, person at a lake
 Taught by Dana Ollestad, this three-week intensive covers the principles of manual motion picture filmmaking against the backdrop of understanding the contemporary socio-political and capital fascination with nostalgia, resulting in a deeper awareness of where these images come from, how they are made, and the way they are used to shape and market in contemporary society.

yellow golden field of color with red, orange, and pale green organic shapes running diagonally from upper left to lower right
 Visit SAM Gallery throughout the month of March to experience colorful abstract works by Katie Anderson, Cara Jaye, Anna Macrae, and Dana Roberts.

young person seated at a grand piano on a stage in an empty concert hall
 The event will begin with a Zoom presentation on hearing conservation and health led by Ian Cox. After intermission, WWU Director of Dance Susan Haines will lead a workshop on body health.

a beared fellow in a hat sitting in a chair in front of a window. outside it is leafy.
 Jensen was a faculty member at Western Washington University for 30 years. He retired in 1997 and continued his vibrant work.

a sketch-like line drawing depicting a palimpsest of moving outlines of bodies
 Presented by Kuntz and Company at the Whatcom Museum Lightcatcher Building, "Dialog(s)" is a movement conversation between two seated individuals. One chair will be empty, waiting for an attendees to sit down and make a gesture.

anatomical diagram of foot bones
 Director of Dance Susan Haines shares her research on shifting the culture of dance science began with an acknowledgment that our foundational resources come from a very narrow viewpoint.

A person peers over a book titled "New Works"
 The series will include one full length play, an evening two of one-act plays, and an evening of ten minute plays. Each play reading will be performed twice during the series. We'll read live on stage Old Main Theater, and we'll be livestreaming the readings.

person in glasses wearing black suit with black shirt and tie holding a conductor's baton
 Jacob Scherr is joining the Music Department as the Visiting Director of Bands beginning Winter Quarter of 2022.

a middle-aged person in a suit and tie, seated, with a younger person leaning over the seated person's shoulder
 Bellingham TheatreWorks presents the world premiere drama of office politics and intrigue: "Just Once", written and directed by Professor of Directing Mark Kuntz, featuring Associate Professor of Voice/Acting Evan Mueller and Theatre Arts alum Gabi Gilbride.

Jim Lortz
 Jim gives so much. Following his example, now we can give back.

Cover of a book called Rethinking Global Modernism shows a large ball of string
 Daniel E. Coslett, PhD, Visiting Assistant Professor of Art and Art History, and two colleagues have recently produced an anthology that collects developing scholarship outlining a new decentred history of global modernism in architecture using postcolonial and other related theoretical frameworks.

four actors on a stage in a play about the 1930s
 Anna Wulfekuhle (Class of '16) and Dylan Gervais (Class of '15) performed in Tennessee Williams' Battle of Angels with NYC-based physical theater ensemble Blessed Unrest in September 2021.

smiling person in sleeveless azure gown with deep vee neck
 The Western Washington University Department of Music is proud to announce the appointment of Heather Dudenbostel to the position of Assistant Professor of Voice and Dramatic Arts.

black woman with purple sweater standing against a blue chain link fence
 White is a Seattle-based dancer with a BFA in English, Art History and Dance from Western Washington University. She has studied styles such as contemporary, ballet, and jazz. Her main love has always been groove and hip-hop.

person at a table laughing at something in a book they are reading
 Visiting theatre instructor Patrick Midgley’s review of "All the Devils Are Here: How Shakespeare Invented the Villain" was published in the latest edition of Theatre Journal.

Enrapt design enthusiasts lean in to the circle of light, illuminated by firelight and wisdom
 Camp Mograph brings together industry leaders for fireside chats and professional workshops in a natural setting. This year’s event sold out in 45 seconds.

a diaphonous work of fiber art with weaving that appears to be writing
 Kate Sechrist and Stephanie Le - graduates of Seiko Purdue's Fiber Arts studio - are featured in the Surface Design Association's exhibition in the Charles W. and Norma C. Carroll Gallery at Marshall University in West Virginia.

smiling young person with a trimmed dark beard wearing a white-striped snap brim cap
 “I sat down and had a conversation with my mom and I told her I wanted to be a professional actor. So I was preparing to starve, to live off of Top Ramen, and basically just struggle. And she stopped me dead in my tracks in the conversation and she said, ‘Don’t ever ever say that. Cause you’re setting yourself up for failure. If you’re one of those people who are lucky enough to know what they want to do and what they love to do, then you simply just find a way to make it work.’ And that was a really profound moment in my life because I was like, ‘Yeah, she’s right.’”

three dancers move in and among large mythical bronze sculptures in a wooded setting
 In fall of 2020, WWU Director of Dance Susan Haines was looking for a way to offer dance students a safe performance opportunity during COVID. She was able to gain access to Ann Morris' Sculpture Woods - an art studio and property that was recently gifted to the College of Fine and Performing Arts. The property is both retreat and collection of Morris' work, featuring numerous mythically-inflected life-size bronze sculptures.

a modern looking rectangular trophy with silver plaque and lexan top
 Western Washington University’s Department of Design is proud to announce that Coral Saville and Mercedes Schrenkeisen have each won a Student Silver Addy for the American Advertising Awards, Seattle, 2021.

D'Anthonu Wooten wears a red and blue t-shirt and looks calmly at the camera.
 The Department of Music is thrilled to welcome D’Anthoni Wooten to teach MUS 108, Survey of Video Game Music for Spring, 2021. The course is a critical overview of the history, development, and current state of music and audio in video games and interactive media and surrounding issues.

portrait of Patrick Roulet smiling
 Winter, 2021, music lecture courses will be offered remote synchronous or asynchronous following the ICS guidelines.

a smiling student
 I transferred to Western for the Industrial Design program, but had no goals for my career. I started taking art history classes and loved them so much that I switched majors. I have never once regretted my decision. I owe Professor Jimena Berzal de Dios a debt of gratitude for his guidance and persistence in helping me identify my career interests.

Deb Currier sits on the floor with small children learning a theatre exercise
 Theatre Arts Professor Deb Currier uses new techniques in immersive theatre for youth to address social awareness, under-served populations and non-traditional learners

Artist Henry Jackson-Spieker smiles while working in the studio. A paned window in the background.
 Alum Henry Jackson-Spieker (Art Studio BFA, '13) enjoyed a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to pursue his work at the historic and idyllic Chateau d'Orquevaux in France.

A giant head of Ryan Kelly. Behind are carnivalesque caricatures of animals, demons, witches
 Western Washington University Assistant Professor of Ceramics Ryan W. Kelly is exhibiting work at Method Gallery in Seattle through February 15.

Singer Andrew Christianson
 WWU Music alum Andrew Christianson was one of only twenty-four singing actors (ages 20-28) from across the nation selected to compete in the semi-finals of the National Teachers of Singing Musical Theatre Competition in New York City, on Saturday, January 11, 2020.

Jewelry on display at APSE
 October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, but the local Bellingham jewelry shop works to end sexual and domestic violence through their business everyday.

Students study near Sarah Sze's sculpture SPLIT STONE (NORTHWEST)
 Students welcome and enjoy our latest addition to the sculpture collection at Western Washington University - SPLIT STONE (NORTHWEST by artist Sarah Sze.

take music courses online at WWU
 Choose among nine different courses - three credits each. Many of our online Music courses fulfill WWU GUR requirements.

An award winning design by Bradlee Thielen
 Eight current and former Western Washington University Design students won international recognition in competitions sponsored by CMYK Magazine and Adobe.

’Drawing - Untitled’, mixed media, 28”x 21” by R. Allen Jensen
 Jensen, now approaching 81, is exhibiting his work at Smith & Vallee in Edison, WA. The exhibition, "Bob's Boats" is on display Aug. 5- 30, 2016

Cynthia Camlin | Water Fragment, 1-10, ink, watercolor and vinyl polymer emulsion on paper panels, 12 inches x 9 inches each. Image courtesy of the artist.
 The work exhibited examines the ways in which artists translate what makes something abstract as defined by being pulled from, extracted, or as a summarization of larger concepts.

Katherine Mullen accepts the Presidential Scholar award from Dean Kit Spicer
 Katherine Mullen came to WWU in 2014 from Whatcom Community College as an honors student to do a double major in Dance and Sociology. Her international travels and her work in Dharamshala, India with Tibetan refugees have truly set her apart.

Seiko Purdue demonstrates shibori fabric dyeing
 Professors Seiko Purdue and Julia Sapin participated in Art Inquiry Night at Wade King Elementary School. About 120 students took part.

Western's Equus Saxophone Quartet
 Equus, a saxophone quartet comprising four Western Washington University students, has advanced to the prestigious Music Teachers’ National Association Young Artist Chamber Music competition in Chicago.

WeCounterHate fights hate on Twitter
 Seattle design firm POSSIBLE has given Twitter users spreading hate a hard choice before they retweet a nasty, hateful nugget: don’t retweet – or retweet and send a donation to an anti-hate group.

Cover of book: Visual Experiences in Cinqyecento Theatrical Spaces
 Berzal's book Visual Experiences in Cinquecento Theatrical Spaces studies the performative aspects of the early modern stage, paying special attention to the overlooked complexities of audience experience.

Design students pitch Wieden+Kennedy
 On Friday, Feb 27, the BFA Design students presented design solutions at Wieden+Kennedy in Portland - one of the largest independently-owned advertising agencies in the world.

Kinetic sculpture Lunar Drift
 'Lunar Drift' is two slow-time kinetic sculptures that will constantly point at the Moon and to the Sun, wherever they are located, whether above or below the horizon, in daylight or night, clear skies or overcast lending a continual presence to the entire path of their movements.

Western Alum, Conductor Brett Mitchell
 Brett Mitchell followed his love of music around the world and rose to the top. He has become one of the most prominent conductors of our time.

Paul Grove seated in natural setting with guitar
 The Northwest Classical Guitar Society presents guitarist Paul Grove in concert. Grove’s program this season features WWU Music Department professor David Feingold’s “Song and Dance for Solo Guitar.”

 Portfolio Night All-Stars brings the person with the very best book in each Portfolio Night location from around the world to New York

desk with computer, mouse, apple, camera
 After a Spring Portfolio Review the students interviewed for placement at professional design firms in the Northwest, including Bellingham, Edmonds, Seattle and Portland.

Professor of Art, Sebastian Mendes
 Sebastian Mendes, born in San Francisco in 1948, died unexpectedly on Thursday, April 26, doing what he loved – bicycling around Lake Whatcom. He was a proud father, devoted husband, and Professor of Art who was a member of the Western Washington University faculty since 2001. Western's College of Fine and Performing Arts, the Western Gallery, and the Department of Art and Art History will be hosting a celebration of Sebastian’s life in the Western Gallery on Thursday, May 10, 5-7pm. All are welcome to attend.

choreography from Liz Gerring's she dreams in code photo by Rachel Bayne
 Liz Gerring, a nationally-recognized choreographer, will set her piece glacier on WWU Dance students in the spring of 2015. The premier of glacier received unfettered praise from the New York Times.

Paul Brower
 Gallery preparator Paul Brower took the initiative to research and personally retrofit lighting for energy savings and the health of artwork in the Gallery when funds were lacking.

WWU Assistant Professor of Art Chris E. Vargas
 Western Washington University Assistant Professor of Art Chris E. Vargas was awarded a $50,000 prize Creative Capital, a group known for applying principles of venture capital to arts financing.

Stefan Sagmeister's THE HAPPY FILM
 Successful creative designer Stefan Sagmeister attempts to find the root of human happiness by experimenting with meditation, therapy, and drugs in this graphic design project-turned experimental documentary.

Standing in front of the Sylvia Center of the Arts building (from left): Wes Davis (Marketing Director), Bryce Hamilton (Board President), Glenn Hergenhahn-Zhao (Artistic Director), Shu-Ling Hergenhahn-Zhao (Capital Campaign Director), and Ron Warner (Boa
 Theatre has been a treasured part of Bryce Hamilton’s life since he was in grade school. Bryce is now fundraising and acting as the Board President for Sylvia Center.

Zach Becker
 WWU Design Department student and AS Publicity designer Zach Becker won the 2015 Adobe Design Achievement award in “Interactive Experience Media/Digital Publishing” for his work “Isolation” which combines animated typography and images to create a vivid narrative about space exploration.

A Midsummer Night's Dream, Photo by Rachel Bayne
 The WWU Opera’s April 2014 production of Benjamin Britten’s “A Midsummer Night's Dream” was awarded First Prize in Division 3 of the 2014 Opera Production Competition sponsored by the National Opera Association (“NOA”).

Amanda Kohler as Dorabella (left) and Yuliya Varavina as Fiordiligi (right) Photos by Charlotte Roulette
 The WWU Opera’s April 2016 production of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s and Lorenzo da Ponte’s “Così fan tutte” was awarded First Prize in Division 2 of the 2016 Opera Production Competition sponsored by the National Opera Association (“NOA”)

A group of people standing in a circle outtside, listening to someone talk, at the Whatcom Waterway Park site
 Visiting Art Instructor Werner Klotz and 39 Western art students have been invited by the City of Bellingham (COB) to propose six separate masterplans for a major collaborative public artwork, at Whatcom Waterway Park.

Ded Reckoning: A Space Musical in two acts by Kamarie Chapman and Spencer Willow
 Department of Theatre & Dance playwrighting faculty Kamarie Chapman is set to debut the first full-length original musical produced by Bellingham's iDiOM Theater.

modern architecture
 The Western Washington University Department of Art is offering a pair of upper-division architecture courses in Spring of 2015.