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Fine and Performing Arts students are people who pursue those dreams and goals that they just can't let go. Some pursue a creative career, while others pursue ways to be creative in a not-so-creative career. Either way, their education through the College of Fine and Performing Arts ensures that they'll be innovative critical thinkers, problem solvers, and better equipped to contribute positive changes everywhere they go and in everyone they influence.

Each year, our students, faculty, and staff offer hundreds of performances, presentations, and exhibitions open to the public. We bring special guest lecturers, professional performers, and visual artists to teach and learn. Our successful alumni return to share their expertise with our students - and prepare them in turn to launch their own careers. You can provide support to all of our students, or select an area that is closest to your heart.

Your gift will fund

  • Professional performances and exhibitions which the public can enjoy too
  • Crucial K-12 education outreach
  • Scholarships for students
  • Special programs, including: clinics, masterclasses, guest lecturers, and student travel

Art & Art History

A silhouetted person stands looking up at the bottom point of an inner-lit, triangular hanging sculpture
Give to Art & Art History

Your gift will fund:

  • Visits by artists and scholars
  • Conferences and travel
  • Hands-on workshops in the Western Gallery
  • The enhanced studio art degree
  • Student-run galleries


A dancer in a flowy, silky dress lunges and arches their head way back in front of a row of large, black sparkly paintings
Give to Dance

Your gift will fund:

Opportunities for our dancers to meet and work with some of the most diverse and celebrated movement artists today


a game made of hexagonal wood tiles with woodburned designs on them
Give to Design

Your gift will fund:

  • Global field study
  • Site visits to regional and national design firms
  • Scholarships
  • Critical learning tools


view from backstage of a person playing trombone to a concert hall
Give to Music

Your gift will fund:

  • Scholarships
  • Instruments
  • Recording studios & composition software
  • Student travel
  • Masterclasses and special performances


A group of actors in retail work attire pose on stage with smiles and an arm up, having tossed handkerchiefs in the air
Give to Theatre

Your gift will fund:

  • Specialized equipment
  • Travel to workshops, auditions, and portfolio reviews
  • Diverse guest artists
  • Performances for our entire community
  • Scholarships

Western Gallery

various sculptures and paintings on display inside the Western Gallery
Give to Western Gallery

Your gift will fund:

  • Educational materials and programming
  • Maintenance of our permanent collection of sculptures and art