Surreal painting of a body seated with legs loosely crossed. One arm threaded under a leg holds a statue of David in the hand. The other arm, resting on a knee, holds up the hand from a statue. A group of butterflies replaces the body's head, and circles around each hand.
NighLarge display windows with Spark Museum signs and an awning reading "SPARK Event & Performance Center" surround double doors inset from the sidewalk. A traffic cone sits centered in front of the doors.
Architectural illustration of a path descending into a tunnel. The words "Outside In" hover above and repeat in separate lines that appear to descend into the tunnel.


Outside.Inside, Inside.Out

Presenting two exhibitions, each a little different

The latest collection of work by Western's Art BFA cohort. Having a unique opportunity to reflect and explore through a year-long pandemic, this collection offers a wide diversity of thoughtful, original pieces relating to many aspects of life.

Liminal Space

Liminal Space presents artwork from Seiko Purdue’s ART494 course, Advanced Studio Seminar. Students completed a cohesive sequence of independent projects driven by personal research and critique. Self-directed studio practice was at the core of this course, where each student was required to develop their own deadlines for varying quantities and qualities of work.

Faculty, students, and staff of Western Washington University may be able to make arrangements to see the work in the B Gallery of the Fine Arts Building. If you are a member of one of those groups and would like more information about an in-person viewing, please email Seiko Purdue or email Sasha Petrenko.

Western Gallery

In-Site: A New Realism

BFA Artist Talks: videos on-demand

The annual BFA exhibition ​​​​​​is comprised of the culminating projects created by students graduating from WWUs year-long BFA program. The 10 artists represented in this show have created bodies of work that attempt to evoke new ways of perceiving reality. Spanning a range of media from photography, sculpture, painting,​ video, printmaking, and installation each artist seeks to restructure a site or subjective memory to incite new modes of understanding the past and the present.