Theatre Auditions FAQ

We have a wide variety of Theatre Arts concentrations. We have auditions for productions, but Theatre and involves many roles. Auditions or portfolio reviews are not required for consideration in a Theatre major or minor. Instead, once you've declared a Theatre major/minor, you will receive individualized advising. Our faculty and staff help you take advantage of every opportunity we offer.

Vaccinations Required for Auditions

Auditionees will be expected to bring their vaccination card or photo of their card in order to audition. For safety, no vaccination exceptions or waivers will be allowed.

Hello everyone,

We hope you have been able to find some well-earned rest and relaxation so far this summer.    

After consulting with the Health Center and the COVID Support Team, and following the latest vaccination policies at Western Washington University, Theatre and Dance Department Chair Rich Brown, and Director of Dance Susan Haines, agree that a fully vaccinated cast is the best way we can support the safety and well-being of those involved and those in our community who are unable to receive vaccinations.  
This summer we have been discussing the best ways we can keep our community safe and build upon the successful performances that took place in person for the 2020-2021 academic year. Performing includes high-risk activities, such as singing, dancing, and close interaction with fellow cast members. Moving forward, every performer taking part in our co-curricular productions must be fully vaccinated in order to participate. Even if a student has received an approved waiver or exemption to attend WWU, waivers will not apply to be a part of our productions. Current members of production teams will receive an email in the next several days with additional information about their requirements and duties.  
For students who are interested in auditioning who have not been vaccinated, we are recommending that you begin the vaccination process immediately. In order to be eligible for the show, you must have received all doses (2 shots for Pfizer and Moderna, 1 shot for Johnson and Johnson) and wait 2 weeks after the final dosage for full effectiveness. Auditions for several shows will be taking place at the start of Fall quarter, so there is just enough time to complete these steps before auditions will begin. Any student requiring DNC 257 or DNC 357 for their degree that has a medical or religious exception for the covid vaccine will be granted an alternative option for these courses. Students should be prepared to provide proof of vaccination upon being cast, though specific details on this process will be shared at a later date. 
Thank you for helping us keep our community protected for this upcoming quarter. More news about auditions, classes, and University standards will be shared in the coming weeks, so be sure to check your email regularly for the latest news. If you have questions or concerns in the meantime, please contact Stay safe and well and we look forward to seeing you this Fall!  
Rich Brown, Department Chair 
Susan Haines, Director of Dance 
Ashley VanCurler, Program Coordinator 
Erin Emry, Administrative Services Manager 

Can anyone audition?

Yes, all students are welcome to audition regardless of Major or Minor! COVID-19 Vaccinations are required.

Where and when are auditions held?

Depending on the show, the location will vary but will always be on campus. Please check the Theatre event feed for the audition location and time.

Can I get credit for this?

Yes! Once you are casted in a show, you can sign up to receive credit for your performance and rehearsal.

What is the time commitment?

5 to 6 nights weekly for roughly six weeks prior to opening

Where can I find out more information?

You can sign up for the Theatre & Dance Department weekly newsletter, “Monday Matters,” by contacting Ashley VanCurler

What should I expect to happen on the audition day?

Please arrive at least 15 minutes early for your audition in order to complete the form that will be provided. Bringing a head shot and resume is encouraged, but not required. If the audition requires you to prepare a musical excerpt, have the music neatly arranged in a 3 ring binder with your start and stop points clearly marked. Wear professional clothing which allows all movement necessary for your monologue/song. Prepare to bring a change of clothes in case there is any movement/dance portion to callbacks. Once your audition is complete, the production team will contact you. They will let you know if you're needed at callbacks, or whether you have been cast in the production. If you have questions, use the contact information on the audition posting, or contact Ashley VanCurler.