#heretoo – a devised production

Time and Location


Stories of gun violence - stories of activism

Led by Western Washington University theatre professor Rich Brown, and NYC theater artist Barbara Pitts McAdams. McAdams is a long-time member of Tectonic Theatre Project, creators of “The Laramie Project”

“#HereToo-WWU” is a company-created play drawn largely from interviews with young activists confronting the gun violence epidemic in America. This work-in-progress showing provides the audience with a behind-the-scenes look into the devising of the original new play. The completed work will open the Department of Theatre & Dance mainstage season in November. Western’s production of “#HereToo” is the West Coast premiere. The play will continue to evolve in schools around the country, highlighting the activism and gun violence survivor stories of each community. The #HereToo Project will culminate in a final version produced in New York City.

Tickets for the August and September performances are $6 for students and $14 for adults. Tickets are available by reservation and at the door. For additional information, please call the WWU Department of Theatre & Dance at (360) 650-3876.

#HereToo chronicles the first-person experiences of gun violence survivors and the work of young activists across the United States.

Part of Western Summer Theatre

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