Arms and the Man

Time and Location

an anti-romantic comedy

by George Bernard Shaw

Directed by Evan Mueller

Note: this performance will have gun shots.

George Bernard Shaw’s classic anti-romantic comedy. Set against the back-drop of the 1885 Serbo-Bulgarian war, the play pokes fun at the futility of war and the conventions of romantic love.

Director Evan Mueller – who directed 2016’s “As You Like It” at WWU – says this production of the popular Shaw play will be “witty and accessible – more like candy than medicine.” Though the play takes place amidst a war, the action and characters take apart a number of social conventions, such as traditional gender roles and stereotypes. Writing 50 years after the original production, writer George Orwell said of the play: “It is probably the wittiest play [Shaw] ever wrote, the most flawless technically, and in spite of being a very light comedy, the most telling.”

“Arms and the Man” plays in the DUG Underground Theatre in the WWU Performing Arts Center Feb. 2-4, 8-11, and 15-16 at 7:30 p.m. and Feb. 11 at 2 p.m. Tickets are $12-16, ($7-11 for students) and are available at the WWU Ticket Office in advance or at the door. Tickets can be ordered online at Metered parking is available, and pay-in-advance instructions for parking can be found at Disability accommodations are available by contacting the ticket office at 360-650-6146 or at

Photos from the production!

Thanks to Rachel Bayne

Prince strikes a pose on a stool while others lounge.
Performer collapses on bed while others rush towards them.
Performer kneels grasping the hands of another sitting.
Actor spins dramatically as performers enter making their cape fly about.
Prince gestures with a paper while others listen.

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