Performing Arts Center 016 - Choir Room

PA-16, or the Choir Room, is the newest of the performance venues in the Performing Arts Center. As departments within the College of Fine and Performing Arts have grown so has the need for spaces in which to perform. It is a well-equipped classroom with excellent sound, projection, and lighting capabilities to accommodate small performances. The addition of elegant black curtains allows the room to transform into a semi-formal recital hall or performance space.

How to get to the Choir Room

From inside the Performing Arts Center lobby, use the elevator to the right (and around a corner) of the lobby main entrance. Take the elevator down to LL2 - the basement. On exiting the elevator, go straight forward and then turn down the hall on the right (not the hall behind you). The Choir room is on the right side at the end of this hall.

Just before entering the Performing Arts Center lobby from outside, enter the double doors on the left and take the stairs down to LL2 - the basement. Follow the hall straight ahead to the end (you'll pass the elevator), then turn right down another hall. The Choir room is on the right side at the end of this hall.

From the open stairway outside the Performing Arts Center building, take the stairs down to LL2 - the basement. Once inside, turn left and the entrance to the Choir Room will be on your right, next to the last room in the hall.

Floorplan of the Basement LL2

Interior of Western Washington University Performing Arts Center Room 16


516 High Street
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