Performing Arts Center 199 - DUG Theater

Directions & Accessibility


516 High Street, Bellingham, Washington, 98225


Access the Douglas Underground Theater (DUG) through the parking lot entrance on the south side of the Performing Arts Center (the opposite end of the building along High Street from the main entrance and box office). From that entrance, go down one flight of stairs and the entrance to the theater will be the double doors on your left. 

This venue has flexible staging and seating possibilities for up to 104 audience members. It includes a lighting grid at 16' with computerized lighting control, dimming capability, and conventional and modern energy efficient lighting instruments. The space also has access to the Mainstage dressing rooms. The DUG Theatre encourages an atmosphere of intimate exchange between artist and audience. It is a workhorse for student performances and artistic exploration.

Photograph Only

DUG Underground Theatre lobby area