Men on Boats Playbill

Run time: 2 hours. There will be a 10 minute intermission

Men on Boats Company Statement

As theatre artists we are constantly involved in the analysis and creation of community.  Theatre is not only a reflexive art that allows us to look at history, but also allows us to critique it. Men On Boats is a show that looks at a portion of history dominated by straight, white, cis men, and asks why were these men in charge. It highlights a change in leadership by casting people that are not cis men. As a cast we have had deep discussions about what the casting note of this show means in terms of our relationship to gender, and how that affects the perseverance of these characters. As a cast of non-men the news of the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade is concerning to us. We as a cast fully support a person’s right to choose and believe all people should have access to safe reproductive healthcare. We recognize that while we may be privileged enough to live in a state where abortion rights are unable to be overturned, our friends and neighbors in other states do not have such protections. We also recognize that legislation to outlaw abortion will disproportionately affect poor people, people of color, and queer people, and that we must do our best to uplift those voices. We would like to extend our support to those most affected by anti-choice legislation. Please join us in donating to the Northwest Abortion Action Fund and please review the resources listed in case you or a friend ever need reproductive assistance. Bodily autonomy, and the fight for it, is relevant every single day of our lives. Everyday in which we live is a day in which we own the right to our bodies. Men On Boats is relevant to bodily autonomy through its commentary on gender and the mistreatment of indigenous peoples and their land but also relevant because this is a fight we approach every day on and off the stage. As the characters of Men On Boats state; “we save each other,” our strength and resilience lies within the relationships we form, and the community we create. We hope you join our community in uplifting those who most need it. 

Land Acknowledgement

A person wearing a backpack sits on a log over a lushly forested river, looking up the river

I want to acknowledge that this production of Men On Boats is being produced by this Western Washington University on the ancestral homelands of the Coast Salish Peoples past and present, and honor with gratitude the land itself and the people who have stewarded it throughout the generations. This calls me to commit to continuing to learn how to be a better steward of the land I inhabit as well.

It is important to acknowledge the long-standing history that has brought us all to reside on the land, and to seek to understand our place within that history. Land acknowledgements do not exist in a past tense, or historical context: colonialism is a current ongoing process, and we need to build our mindfulness of our present participation. It is also work noting that acknowledging the land is Indigenous protocol.

I would also like to recognize all the people who have built, created, and died in the process of this society being what it is today. The diasporic actions of the Euro colonizers have created damaging ripples in those communities that still require action to be taken.

Here in Bellingham Washington we recognize the Lummi, Semiahmoo, and Nooksack tribes and their neighboring stewards the Samish, Stilliguamish, Sauk-Suiattle and Swinomish tribes.

Playwrights Horizons, Inc. and Clubbed Thumb produced MEN ON BOATS in New York City, 2016. ©2021

Streaming notice

©2021. This Video recording was produced by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service and [Author]. All rights reserved. This performance is authorized for non-commercial use only.


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Aboard the Emma Dean, the boat named after Powell’s wife


John Wesley POWELL

Aidyn Stevens 

William DUNN

Shona Carter 

John Colton SUMNER

Eloise Cooper


Aboard the Kitty Clyde’s Sister, the boat named after Kitty Clyde’s sister



Carly Cloward 


Kharma Stambaugh


Aboard the No-Name, 
the boat named after nothing


O.G Howland

Katie Glasser 

SENECA Howland

Georgianna Andrews 


Katie Dreessen


Aboard the Maid of the Canyon, the party boat



Leah Shannon 


Katie Royse Ginther


The Others On Land



Katie Glasser


Georgianna Andrews


Katie Dreessen

The River and Understudies


Sarah Fitzgerald


Katie Cleven


Amanda Bahena


Anna Olsen

Production Team


Rich Brown  

Assistant Director

Maddie LeFever  

Stage Manager

Avery Wisner  

Assistant Stage Manager

Sam Wright Osborn 

Technical Director

Perry Lewis

Production Manager & 
Lighting Designer

Savannah LeCornu

Assistant Production Manager

Rosie Arnesen

Assistant Lighting Designer

Tiffany Thomas 

Scenic and Props Design

Nicholas Ponting 

Assistant Scenic and Props Design

Aia Goldman

Kei Bugay

Aaliyah Price 

Sound Design

Charley Ault 

Assistant Sound Design

Jamie Frunk

Projections Design

Tempestt Carreon

Assistant Projections Design

Meagan Brown 

Costume Design

Haley Daggett 

Assistant Costume Design

Azuma Richards 

Costume Design Faculty Mentor

Sarah Jo Monaghan

Costume Shop Manager

Rachel Anderson

Assistant Costume Shop Manager

Amber Pacifico

Original music composed by

Charley Ault


Kharma Stambaugh

Scout Powell


Light Board Operator

Rosie Arnesen

Sound Board Operator

Danielle Phillips 

Projections Board Operator

Alyssa Whorley

Fly Rail Operators

Aiden Espinosa

Layne Fry

Meagan Brown

Deck Crew

Alyssa Rueckert 


Michi Ohata

Carter Person


Tayler Robertson

Shelbi Anderson


Assistant Master Electrician

Lane Burke

Electrics Crew

Ethan Swim

Drew Winston

Logan Johnson

Adam Simer

Shu Umehara

Gabe O’Rourke-Dela Cruz

Scene Shop

Shop Foreman

Manson Root

Shop Assistants

Lane Burke

Gwen Pederson

Ryan Martin

Alyssa Bordonaro

Aaliyah Price

Jordan Lewis

Matthew Small

Malachi Wonder

Jack LaFraugh


Ady Torres-Garcia

Aidyn Stevens

Celeste Zhou

Francis Werth

Morgan Mitchell

Shona Carter

Special Thank You to

Mount Baker Theatre