D’Anthoni Wooten

Instructor, Video Game Music


D’Anthoni Wooten is a composer for games, film, and commercials. Some of his work includes having composed music for international commercials in Japan, film featured in the United Kingdom, and various indie games and short films. He also has solo albums filled with experimental ambient songwriting and orchestral works. D’Anthoni is a pianist originally from Kansas City, Kansas but currently resides in Los Angeles, California. D’Anthoni is an artist under the record label Ambedo Records.


  •     Berklee College of Music (Bachelor in Film Scoring and Electronic Production and Design)
  •     Minor in Video Game Scoring
  •     Magna Cum Laude
  •     Scholarship Student
  •     William Hearst Scholarship
  •     Video Game Scoring Award
  •     Berklee Interdisciplinary Art Institute

Skills and Experience

  •     Composition (Games, Film)
  •     Production, Mixing, and Mastering
  •     DAW Experience (Digital Performer, Pro Tools, Abelton Live, Logic Pro X)
  •     Arranging
  •     MAX/MSP
  •     Sound Installation
  •     Video Game Implementation (FMod, Wwise)
  •     Unity Audio Integration Skills
  •     Pianist
  •     International Experience
  •     Japanese