Program: how to clean your room (and remember all your trauma)

A messy abstract painting melds into a photo of a messy room

how to clean your room
(and remember all your trauma)

a play by j. chavez



Walden Marcus

Greg, Al, Derek, and Casey

Boomer Lusink

Brian and Quinn

Katie Ginther

Mother, Therapist, and Doctor

Emily Pfriem


Sound Board Operator

Emily Schneider

Scene Shop

Lane Burke

Ally Kineman

Clara King

Costume Shop Crew

Adi Torres-Garcia

Baily Schaefer

Hannah Fredrikson

Louise Heller

Suzannah Beller

Production Team


Evan Mueller

Assistant Director

Monty Rozema

Stage Manager

Nichole Fahey

Assistant Stage Manager

Jarin Johnsen-Krogh

Production Manager

Savannah LeCornu

Technical Director

Marc Mixon

Scenic Design

Kharma Stambaugh

Lighting Design

Delaney Pickard

Puppet and Props Design

Ally Kineman

Sound Design

Michael Bajuk

Costume Design

Suzannah Beller

Assistant Puppet and Props Design

Annika Wohlf

Costume Shop Manager

Rachel Anderson

Assistant Costume Shop Manager

Amber Pacifico

Original Music Composed by Michael Bajuk

with background music from


Stereo Donkey

Jill Brazil and The Crying Shame