Cam Cameron: Revive Your Back!

Open to all at no cost

Tue. October 15, 4:00pm PDT

120 minutes
Performing Arts Center 155 - Concert Hall

Disability Accommodations

Equal Opportunity Institution. 24+ hours advance notice is appreciated for accommodations.

About Revive-a-Back

Revive-A-Back Spring Strength Training teaches you how to reset your anatomy to experience an Upward-Springing response to the pull of gravity! Your bones and muscles are designed to spring, and upward spring reverses the effects of compression and pain that is created by muscle strength imbalances.

Our  human instrument performs best in buoyant tune. Every bone and joint have their perfect spring.  Resilient resonance head to foot: Brief flexes uplift the ribs and spine, to strain free buoyant  poise. Spring is the perfect melody your body loves to play.

  • As sound is to music, gravity is to anatomy.
  • Unlock the vertical music your body plays with gravity!
  • Soft lips, nimble fingers, effortless recovery:
  • Strain free precision unlocks the beauty of the instrument you are.
  • Passion free of hunch and slump gives your music beauty, joy, and clarity.   

About Cam Cameron

Former actor, fight choreographer, and stunt man, personal trainer, shiatsu practitioner, and life-long martial artist, entered training at the age of 5.

Now  at 74 Cam teaches Revive-A-Back posture, strength and pain relief  in private sessions, student workshops, and zoom sessions.