Global Spice World Music: Haiqiong Deng, guzheng and guqin master

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Master performer on the traditional Chinese instruments the guzheng (21-string zither) and guqin (7-string zither)

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Haiqiong Deng is a performer of the traditional Chinese instrument, zheng (or guzheng).

She was the recipient of 2018 Florida State University College of Music Research Fellow, the 2017 Florida Cultural Heritage Award, the 2013 Florida Individual Artist Fellowship, the Master Artist of the Florida Folklife Apprenticeship Award in 2012, and the winner of the Outstanding Performance Prize at the 1995 Chinese National Zheng Competition in Shanghai.

Both her CDs, Mountain, Water, Sentiments: Traditional Chinese Zheng Masterpieces Performed by Haiqiong Deng and Stringing Echoes: Classical Indian Music by Sitar and Zheng were nominated for the 13th Annual Independent Music Awards in “World Traditional” Category in 2014.

Haiqiong Deng made her professional début in Beijing in 1997.  Since that time, she has developed an international reputation as a zheng soloist and a chamber musician, performing throughout China, Canada, Japan, Singapore and the North America. She has performed with Music from China (New York City), Third Angle New Music Ensemble (Portland, OR), the Orchid Ensemble (Vancouver), Singapore Chinese Orchestra, Singapore City Orchestra, Singapore Symphony Orchestra, Tallahassee Symphony Orchestra, and attended various music festivals as well as given numerous performances and lectures at universities, museums, and national/regional conferences in North America. Her Carnegie Hall début recital in 2003 included two world premieres: Dots, Lines, Convergence by Chihchun Chi-sun Lee, a concerto for zheng and chamber ensemble commissioned by the Harvard Fromm Foundation, and CRUSH, a duo for zheng and soprano saxophone by Michael Sidney Timpson.

Haiqiong actively promotes new music for the zheng. Composers she has worked with include Chihchun Chi-sun Lee, Michael Sidney Timpson, Zhou Long, Chen Yi, Ye Xiaogang, Moshe Denburg, Mark Armanini, and Cristian Marina. CDs from these collaborations include Concerto for Strings with Percussion Orchestra with the McCormick Percussion Group (Ravello Records 2012);  Life Death Tears Dream with the Orchid Ensemble (2012); Elegance: Music of Chihchun Chi-sun Lee (Glorious Pantheons, Chiayi, Taiwan, 2008), nominated for Golden Melody in Taiwan 2009; Tales From the Cave: Music from China (Delos International 2004); Cross-Cultural Collisions, Reinventions & Fertilizations: the Compositions of Michael Sidney Timpson (Capstone Records 2008); and Oriental Landscapes: Evelyn Glennie with the Singapore Symphony Orchestra (BIS 2002).

Other world music traditions also frequently influence Haiqiong's music. She expanded her musical expression through collaboration with the Indian sitarist, Nalini Vinayak. This lead to the 2011 release of a CD that, for the first time in history, combined Chinese zheng, Indian sitar, and tabla on classical Indian Music: Stringing Echoes: Classical Indian Music by Sitar and Chinese Zheng (nominated for the 13th Annual Independent Music Awards in the “World Traditional” category) by Trible Records.  Haiqiong's composition, Layered Fantasy: for Indonesian Gamelan and Chinese Zheng, also unites these two music traditions for the first time in history. It was premiered on March 28, 2014 at the Florida State University. Her other two cross-cultural compositions, "Kora" for Omnimusica Intercultural Ensemble (2018) and "Rock the World: the Power of Powerful Music" (2018), were also premiered at the FSU Rainbow Concert of World Music in 20118.

In addition to the zheng, Haiqiong also excelled in qin (guqin) performance, having studied with masters Gong Yi and Lin Youren. The qin is a key element in the inner cultivation of her mind. Together with Dr. Nan Liu, Haiqiong created the group “Echoes of Nature” to promote traditional Chinese music, calligraphy, and painting. The group has given numerous lectures, live demonstrations, and stage performances at museums, universities, K-12 schools, and festivals around the United States.

Haiqiong is the featured zheng artist in the chapter on Chinese music in the widely used textbook World Music: Traditions and Transformations (McGraw-Hill, 2007), by Michael B. Bakan, Professor and Head of Ethnomusicology and World Music at Florida State University. In addition to extensive coverage of her music, life, and career in the text itself, she is also featured on four of the tracks included on the book's accompanying 3-CD set by Sony BMG Music Entertainment and on the online Musical Guided Tour for the chapter.

Haiqiong received her Bachelor of Music degree in zheng performance from the Shanghai Conservatory of Music and Master of Arts in Arts Administration and Ethnomusicology from the Florida State University College of Music. She is currently the Director of the Chinese Music Ensemble at the Florida State University and a Ph.D. Candidate in Musicology at the Florida State University.



邓海琼生于甘肃省兰州市,自幼随父初探音乐之门,学习小提琴。六岁随唐永祥先生学习扬琴,并在八岁时随已故古筝教授姚怡德先生学习古筝,十二岁时考 入西安音乐学院附中随尹群,周延甲,高自成教授学习古筝。1993年以优异成绩考入上海音乐学院随何宝泉,孙文研,王蔚教授学习古筝,并同时随林友仁,龚 一先生学习古琴。1995 年获得全国东方杯古筝比赛优秀表演奖。1997年赴北京中国音乐学院随已故古筝教授邱大成先生学习古筝,并成功在京举行的第一场个人独奏音乐会。 2001到2006年期间邓海琼获佛罗里达州立大学音乐学院全额奖学金并获得了艺术管理和世界民族音乐学双硕士学位。自2001年起,邓一直担任该校世界 音乐系中国音乐小组导师并作为古筝独奏和室内乐演奏家活跃在世界音乐舞台上。2012年, 邓海琼被美国佛罗里达州授予“传统艺术家”奖; 2013年获得佛罗里达州"独立艺术家奖"。2014年, 她的两张唱片:《山. 水. 情. -- 中国古筝传统精曲》和《弦的回响 — 由Sitar和古筝所演绎的传统印度音乐》同时获得了第十三届独立制作音乐奖-世界传统音乐的提名。邓海琼最新创作的作品:《层之趣-写给印尼佳美兰和中国古筝》第一次将这两种音乐传统融合在一起并于2014年三月成功在美首演。 

邓 海琼在过去的十几年中除了在众多北美音乐厅, 艺术节, 大中小学, 博物馆等进行了传统古筝,古琴及中国音乐文化的讲座演出外, 她也至力于现代作品在北美的推广。 自2003年在纽约卡内基音乐厅个人独奏音乐会上首演了由哈佛Fromm基金会委约美国作曲 家李志纯博士的古筝协奏曲:《点,线,面—为古筝和室内乐所写》; Michael Sidney Timpson 博士所作的古筝和萨克斯风二重奏后,她首演和诠释了种类繁多的新作品。  合作的作曲家还包括:李志纯,陈怡, 周龙, 叶小刚,Michael Sidney TImpson, Moshe Denburg, Mark Aemanini, and Cristian Marian。 乐团包括纽约长风中乐团,温哥华兰韵中乐团,THIRD ANGLE 现代乐团,McCORMICK打击乐团,新加坡华乐团,新加坡交响乐团,新加坡城市乐团,TALLAHASSEE交响乐团等。出版的专辑有: “Mccormick 打击乐团与絃乐器协奏曲" (Concerti for Strings with Percussion Orchestra (Mccormick Percussion Group) USA,2012);   加拿大兰韵中乐团《生.死.泪.梦》("Life Death Tears Dream", with  Orchid Ensemble, Canada,2012);   英国打击乐家Evelyn Glennie和新加坡交响乐团在所出的CD《东方之土》(Oriental Landscapes, Singapore, 2002); 周龙作曲专辑Tales From the Cave,USA, 2004; 《柳絮—李志纯博士作品集》(2009年台湾金曲奖最佳专辑提名);  和《文化的交融- 碰撞.创新.沃土- Michael Sidney Timpson 博士专辑》(Cross-cultural Collisions, Reinventions, and Fertilizations: the Composition of Michael Sidney Timpson,USA, 2008,

邓海琼的学习及音乐经历亦成为Michael B. Bakan 教授所写的北美深获好评的大学世界音乐教科书World Music: Traditions and Transformations [世界音乐:传统与变迁] (McGraw-Hill, 2007) 以古筝为代表的中国音乐一章里的主线。其四首音乐也收藏在随教科书由Sony BMG所出版的CD里。 

2003年在新加坡发行了第一张个人专辑《凝》和2006年与尹群,崔静怡一起弹奏的《古筝三重奏精选》。2013年邓海琼发行的第二张个人专辑《山. 水. 情. -- 中国古筝传统精曲》(USA)并获得了第十三届独立音乐制作奖世界传统音乐专辑提名。

邓海琼亦和艺术家刘南成立了 “自然之回响” 的组合在北美介绍古琴和古筝以及中国传统书法和绘画艺术。此组合被选入佛罗里达州2014-16艺术巡回代表。 他们的足迹遍布博物馆,各大院校, 艺术节等。

自2015年起, 邓海琼在佛罗里达州立大学攻读音乐学博士学位并同时教授本科生世界音乐和西方音乐欣赏课程。

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