Invincible Ones

Time and Location

Reeling from their best friend's death, a group of women face what their lives look like in the aftermath. In the wake of loss, they each attempt to answer seemingly unanswerable questions: Who will give the eulogy? Will they ever be able to live alone?  Why did that girl’s brother show up? Drawing on roller derby culture, Invincible Ones explores the way we handle grief, guilt, and a constant drip from the heavens (apartment) above.

Special talk-back with playwright Samantha Cooper after 2/17 2 p.m. performance.

Written by Samantha Cooper

Directed by Lizanne Schader

Auditions for Invincible Ones

Photos from the production!

Thanks to Rachel Bayne

Actor comforts another whose head is in their lap on the couch of a worn but decorated home.
Performer kneeling at a bathtub fearfully looks out framed in red light as the other leans against the door of the bathroom bathed in cool blue.
Actor lies asleep in their underwear on a couch as others, one clothed and the other in underclothes, chat lively.
Four actors in grey and black hold white flowers as they stand at different levels on a staircase.
Actor straddles another on the couch as they look passionately at each other moments before they kiss.

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