Music Student Recitals

Recital Checklist and Policies

  1. Policies and Procedures: Review all policies and procedures before proceeding.
  2. Dates: Discuss available dates with collaborators, teacher, and area coordinator.
  3. Request a Recital Date: Submit the Student Recital Request Form. Non-degree and graduate recitals must attach their recital fee recipient.
  4. Submit Event Details: Once you have received confirmation of your assigned recital date and time, submit event details to the CFPA Marketing & Special Events office.
  5. Program/Translations: Download the program and translation requirement documents (links in the box to the right).
  6. Submit Drafts to faculty: Submit drafts of the program and translations to your instructor and area coordinator for edits and approval.

Due 16 Days Prior

  • Submit Drafts for Printing: Submit the final program and translation documents approved by your instructor and area coordinator for printing at least 16 days prior to the event via the Recital Programs & Translations Form. Programs and Translations will not be printed until you accept the proof sent to you from (Music Office email).

Due 14 Days Prior


Policies and Procedures

Types of Recitals

  • Performance Recitals: Bachelor of Music in Performance majors must complete a junior recital (MUS 399) and senior recital (MUS 499).

  • Composition Recital: Bachelor of Music in Composition majors must complete a senior composition recital (MUS 498) as the culmination of their major. A composition student may also choose to complete a thesis instead, MUS 490. Admission to the 400-level of composition lessons is the prerequisite to scheduling a senior composition recital

  • Non-Degree Recitals: Students in the following programs may perform a non-degree or “studio” recital with the permission of their applied instructor and area coordinator: Non-Music Majors/Minors, Music Minors, BA, BMus in History & Literature, BMus Education, and Graduate recitals that are not required for their degree.  

  • Graduate Recital: A required Master's recital for an MM concentration. 

Recital Fees

  • Junior Performance Recital: $31.00 - course fee
  • Senior Performance Recital: $63.00 - course fee
  • Senior Composition Recital: $63.00 - course fee
  • Non-Major/Minor and Graduate Recital: $63.00 paid online and must be attached to the Student Recital Request E-sign form

For junior performance, senior performance, and senior composition recitals, a course fee is billed to your Student Account after registration for the course.

For non-major/minor and graduate recitals, you must pay the $63.00 recital fee before scheduling and attach a receipt of payment to the Student Recital Request Form.

Recital Course Syllabus



  1. Policies: Read recital reservation policies below
  2. Check Area Timeline: Students should check with their area coordinator for the earliest date they will accept request forms before the open reservation/request period listed below.
  3. Review Held Dates: Students should review the held recital dates and discuss them with their teacher, area coordinator, and collaborators. (see dates below)
  4. Request a Recital: Submit the Student Recital Request E-sign form. Composition recitals may submit before checking with all collaborators. Recital dates are scheduled based on the order of preference listed on the form.
  5. Confirmation Email: Once a recital date is reserved, students will receive a confirmation email.

Dates and Requests

23-24 Held Recital Dates

"Reservations Open:" the date a form can be routed to Music Advising by an Area Coordinator. Students should check with their area coordinators to see how early they will accept forms prior to these dates.

Fall Quarter Winter and Spring Quarter

Reservations Open:

  • Degree Recitals: May 15 
  • Non-Degree Recitals: June 01

Reservations Open:

  • Degree Recitals: November 15 
  • Non-Degree Recitals: December 01
Deadline to Schedule: October 15 Deadline to Schedule: January 15


  • Recital Times: Recitals are scheduled on weekdays at 7:30 pm, at 12 pm, 4 pm, and 7:30 pm on weekends in the Concert Hall, and on weekdays at 7:30 pm, and 2 pm and 4 pm on weekends in PAC 16. If there's an event in the Concert Hall during the weekend, PAC 16 may offer 12 pm, 4 pm, and 7:30 pm times.
  • Held Dates: Students can only request recital dates that have already been held for student recitals unless they have approval from the department chair for an unforeseen scheduling conflict. 
  • Priority Dates: "Priority" dates are reserved for senior composition, junior piano accompanying recitals, or combined recitals. Other recitalists can request these dates, but priority goes to the previously mentioned recitals.
  • Seniority Scheduling: Although recital scheduling is first-come, first-served, senior and required graduate recitals have seniority. This means junior or non-degree recitals may need to reschedule to accommodate senior or graduate recitals.
  • Concert Lectures: Students who plan to do a pre-concert lecture or presentation, must notify the Program Coordinator in the request form or via email.
  • Finals Week and After: No recitals are permitted during finals week or the weekend of commencement without permission from the Department Chair. Also, due to budget limitations, support for a recital scheduled during this time can't be guaranteed.
  • Internal Area Policies: Students must check with their primary instrument area or the Composition Studio area for internal policies regarding recital quarters and form deadlines.
  • After Deadline Scheduling: Held dates after the scheduling deadline will be released to the CFPA for the department and outside scheduling. To schedule after the deadline, students must use Mazevo to determine availability and get permission from the Department Chair before submitting their request form.

To reschedule your recital, please find your original E-sign form through the Webforms Finder page on MyWestern (see Admin Tools). Open section II and re-route the form as appropriate. 


Students may submit the Student Recital Cancellation form up to seven business days prior to their event. Any cancellations later should adhere to the following guidelines.    

  • Less than One Week Prior: Cancellations less than seven business days before the event must be submitted via the Student Recital Cancellation form and by email to Lee Anne Frahn ( Students are responsible for notifying all parties in their recital, the instructor, and the area coordinator  

  • Seven days or less, students who must cancel their recital within seven business days must submit this form and contact the department at Title the email Student Recital Cancellation.

  • Emergency Cancellations: Cancelations are considered "emergency cancellations" when a recital must be canceled up to 72 hours before. These recitalists must contact both the applied instructor and area coordinator immediately, then notify all collaborations. Their instructor or area coordinator will contact the CFPA staff to cancel their event. 





Creating Programs and Translations

Students must create their program and translation (for non-English vocal works) and submit the Recital Programs & Translations Form no later than 16 days before the event. Submissions for printing are only accepted as shared links to WWU Microsoft Word OneDrive files, access OneDrive through Microsoft 365 on MyWestern.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Download and save the Recital Program Requirements and Recital Translation Requirement.
  2. Read the instructions carefully and create your program and translation drafts.
  3. Submit your drafts to your area coordinator and instructor for approval, keeping in mind the 16-day deadline.
  4. Submit your program and translations documents for printing as shared links ONLY through the Music Recital Program and Translations FormMake sure links are shared as "Anyone with a link can edit."
  5. Once processed, you'll receive a final PDF(s) from (Music Office) that requires you to approve the proofs for printing by replying to the email. Please make sure to meet the deadline and only proofread for content and formatting, as no changes or additions to the program content will be accepted at this stage.

Music Department Publicity

The Music Department will promote all student recitals on the CFPA website and department Facebook page, and will provide printed recital programs and translations. However, the Music Department will not create Facebook event pages or print event posters.

Student Responsibility

Here's what students need to do:
  1. After the Music Department confirms the event, the CFPA Marketing team will create the recital event on the Music Events page.
  2. Allow a minimum of five business days for the CFPA Marketing team to create the event.
  3. Once the event is created, select "Is this your event? Submit updates" at the bottom of the page to submit your event description, bio, and headshot/theme photo.
  4. If the event doesn't appear on the Music Events page after two weeks, email with the event details, headshot/theme photo, and description.
Event Description Templates
  • Solo Recitals: {Student name}, in collaboration with {accompanist name}, will perform a {junior or senior} recital featuring works by {list composers}.  
  • Composition Recital: Student name will present a Senior Composition Recital featuring original works composed during their time of study in the Department of Music under the instruction of {faculty name}.  
  • Junior Piano Recitals: Student name will perform a junior accompanying recital featuring works by {list composers}. Featured collaborators include {list names}.  
Regarding posters:
  1. Posters are not required, but students can print them at the Print & Copy Services Center
  2. The Student Technology Center may provide help guides for poster creation.
  3. Every poster must include the WWU logo and the disability accommodations statement: "AA/EO. For disability accommodations, please call: 360-650-3130." Download the WWU logo and review appropriate logo usage guidelines.

Off-Campus Recitals 

  • Non-Degree Recitals: Non-degree recitals can be held off-campus at any time. The department cannot provide programs or recording support for these events.
  • Degree Recitals: Students can have an off-campus degree recital with the permission of the department chair. These students must still submit the Music Student Recital E-sign form once they receive approval from the Department Chair and schedule their off-campus event. Enter the off-campus recital date, time, and location under "Requested Performance Date" and indicate under "Additional Comments" that your recital is off campus and the date you received permission from the chair.  Students must provide their own programs and recording support. We cannot guarantee a refund of the required course fee for off-campus degree recitals. 


Event Bio Examples:

Sarah Potocki is a junior at Western Washington University earning her Bachelor of Arts in Music and minor in Psychology. She has been taking piano lessons since age four. Sarah grew up in Snohomish, Washington, where her parents and three older sisters encouraged her to play piano. Through an adjudication held at her former piano teacher Maria Sier’s studio, Sarah came in contact with Professor Gilliam. He shared insight about Western’s Music Department and inspired her to attend. Throughout Sarah’s time at Western, she has gratefully accepted scholarships from the Ada and Don Walter Endowment Fund, Dee Bergholz Music Scholarship, Ford Hill Piano Scholarship, William Sanford Piano Scholarship, and the Arthur C. Hicks Piano Scholarship. During her freshman year at Western, she was given the opportunity to play in a master class with her duo partner Nick Swanson for Anderson and Roe. She has also played in master classes for French pianist David Kadouch and most recently pianist Marija Ilic. Sarah is a performer as well as a teacher. She currently teaches eight students between ages four and ten. She has taken leadership in organizing semi-annual recitals for her students at the retirement home, St. Francis of Bellingham.  

Fabian Nieto is in his third year studying clarinet performance and music education. He began his studies at Western Washington University in 2012. In 2013 he attended “El Conservatorio de las Rosas” in Michoacán, Mexico. But due to social and political instability, he returned to Western to continue with his studies. Fabian is a very active player in the community. He has been involved in multiple productions with Pacific Northwest Opera and serves as the clarinet coach for the Fidalgo Youth Symphony. He is also a private clarinet instructor in the Whatcom-Skagit regions. Once Fabian completes his studies at WWU, he is eager to pursue his education further in graduate school and begin his career as an educator.  

Yuliya Varavina is a junior majoring in Vocal Performance; she studies with Professor Kathryn Weld. Yuliya has received several honors, including the Oscar Olson Arts Scholarship, Don C. Walter Memorial Scholarship, and the R. Keagle Music Scholarship. Yuliya has performed for Erin Wall and Benjamin Smith in master classes at WWU has been a section leader in WWU Advanced Women Chorale 2013-2014 and had been a part of the Western Voices in the Spring of 2015. She is active as a soloist, choir accompanist, and string quintet director at her church. She had been a part of two opera scene productions, a full production of Puccini’s Gianni Schicchi, and placed in Aria Competition in 2014 and 2015. 

Recital Dates Reminder

We will only accept requests for held recital dates.

Dates marked "Priority" are a priority for senior composition, junior piano accompanying recitals, or combined recitals.