Bachelor of Music

The Bachelor of Music is a professional undergraduate degree program that prepares students for various careers in music. Our core curriculum covers a thorough background in music theory, aural skills, class piano, pedagogy, and music history. Students can expect to participate in weekly lessons, major ensembles, masterclasses, studio classes, as well as work with well-known guests artists who provide workshops and coaching. Please visit each concentration page below for more detailed information regarding further coursework and opportunities within each concentration.

Sample first-year schedule

Fall, Winter, and Spring:

  • Music Theory (1 cr)
  • Aural Skills (1 cr)
  • Keyboarding (1 cr)
  • Lessons (1-2 cr)
  • Ensemble (2 cr)
  • GUR/Other
  • GUR/Other
Two flute players

Looking for more information?

If you have any questions, we're happy to find you an answer. Call the Music Department Office 360-650-3130, or view the directory of faculty and staff.