College of Fine & Performing Arts

Bachelor of Music

Why Consider a Bachelor of Music Degree?

A music degree from Western Washington University is highly regarded in the profession. Western graduates become successful teachers, performers, composers and leaders in all fields of music. The strength of Western’s Department of Music is its faculty’s commitment to students and helping them achieve their goals and aspirations. Our program focuses on an individualized education that allows students to reach their full potential. With smaller class sizes, students can expect more discussion, and more personalized attention for each student. The Bachelor of Music is a professional undergraduate degree that prepares students for various careers in music.

Our curriculum covers a thorough background in music theory, aural skills, pedagogy, music history, diction (voice), and accompanying (piano). Students can expect to participate in weekly lessons, participate in major ensembles, chamber ensembles, perform in studio classes, masterclasses, as well as for well known guest artists who provide workshops and coaching.

Please explore our four professional degree options:


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