Staff Collaborative Pianist Information

Staff Collaborative Pianist Policies and Procedures

Effective Fall 2019

Head Collaborative Pianist (Vocal)

Staff Collaborative Pianists (Instrumental)

Performance Activities Eligible for Staff Accompaniment

  • Lessons
  • Rehearsals
  • Degree recital hearings
  • Masterclasses/Studio classes
  • Concerto competitions
  • Virginia Glover/Bellingham Music Club competitions

Accompanying Scheduling and Music Preparation

Accompaniment coverage will be determined as follows:

  • Accompaniment hours are limited and will be assigned at the discretion of the collaborative pianists.
  • Students must submit a completed Accompaniment Request Esign form no later than 4th Monday of the quarter.
  • Any changes of repertoire after the 4th Monday will be considered on a case by case basis.
    • E-mail PDF copies of music to Rachel (Vocalists) and Rebecca (Instrumentalists)
  • Staff pianists will allot accompanying hours based on difficulty/amount of repertoire
  • Students may use their allotted hours for any of the activities listed above

Recital & Jury Rates

  • Senior Recital: $300.00
  • Junior Recital: $175.00
  • Non-Degree & Graduate Recitals: Negotiable
  • Instrumental Area Studio Recitals & Liederabend: Negotiable with area coordinator
  • Jury: $20.00

If a staff pianist is only used for a portion of a recital, the above rates may be negotiable. Payments are due directly to the pianist. The pianist payment is in addition to the WWU recital fee.

These student recital rates are applicable if the student uses a staff pianist for their recital or jury. Non-staff pianists may be used and paid at their own professional rates, subject to approval by the student’s primary instructor. A current list of available pianists will be maintained on the WWU Music Department website.

Requesting an Accompanist

eSign Form Directions

Please note, submitting a form does not guarantee a staff accompanist.

  1. Locate instrumental or vocal staff accompaniment eSign form
  2. Fill out form completely and type in your name and date on signature line
  3. Attach PDFs of your piano accompaniment to the form. Your form will not be locked and confirmed without your music. 
    • This can be done through the attach button in the blue box at bottom of form. 
  4. Enter your applied instructors email ( in the blue box and hit submit. This will route the form to your instructor.
  5. Once the form has been completed by your instructor, the form will be submitted to the pianist and locked.

List of Local Pianists

If not assigned an accompanist through the university, please refer to the list below to hire an accompanist according to your area of study policies.


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