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Discounts on Resources: Including publications, videos, and other items.

Conferences, Meetings, and Seminars: National, Division, and state level conferences offer opportunities to meet with future colleagues, exchange ideas, attend sessions and performances, and become acquainted with the latest in music education product and services. AND collegiate members receive substantial discounts on registration fees!

Leadership Opportunities: Become an office in our chapter and/or state affiliated organization or represent our division at the national level.

State Membership: when you join NAfME, you automatically become a member of your state music educators association, entitling you to all of the benefits associated with membership at the local level.

The NAfME Job Center: Log on to www.nafme.org and you’ll be able to search online for open positions in the music education, from early childhood through college levels, and for all specialties, worldwide.

Professional Development Opportunities: Collegiate members have access to expert mentors in music education through NAfME’s Band, Orchestra, Chorus, Mariachi, and General Music online Network Communities.

All members receive

Music Educators Journal: The award-winning journal offering timely
articles on teaching approaches and philosophies, current trends, new classroom techniques, and the latest in products and services.

Teaching Music: A full color journal presenting association news and practical features such as sample lesson plans, interviews, and other valuable materials.

Available to members online

NAfME Collegiate News Link: designed to meet the needs of collegiate members, this e-magazine offers articles and news explaining how to expand upon your classroom education to better prepare yourself for the real experience of teaching.

Update: Applications of research in Music Education- Presents practical applications for research findings in music education in a jargon-free, easily accessible style.

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If you have any questions, we're happy to find you an answer. Call the Music Department Office 360-650-3130, or view the directory of faculty and staff.