Alum Holly Hudson at Smith and Vallee through April 28

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by College of Fine and Performing Arts Staff

About the exhibition

Smith and Vallee is showcasing the extraordinary collages, paintings and ceramics of artist and Western alum Holly Hudson in Edison, WA through April 28, 2024.

Hudson's work delves into the intricate relationship between humans and their environment, evoking a powerful sense of interconnectivity through her meticulous creations using carefully curated cuttings. Drawing inspiration from her childhood in Southeast Alaska and the captivating Native American creation myths of shape-shifting entities, Hudson's earliest memories serve as a fertile ground for her artistic exploration.

After honing her skills through years of studying and teaching figurative painting both domestically and abroad, she returned to the majestic Pacific Northwest where her deep admiration for nature and the narratives of her youth were reignited.With a foundation in anatomical studies, Hudson ingeniously pieces together mythical creatures that combine elements of both humans and plants. Learn more about the exhibition.

About Smith and Vallee

Smith and Vallee Gallery presents a broad spectrum of artwork, ranging from the contemporary representational to the ethereal and abstract. The gallery represents a balanced mix of artists, including Northwest Masters, mid-career, and emerging talent. It is a venue that encourages a continuing tradition of art, that at its core embodies a Northwest essence, but is relevant and vital within the context of the contemporary art world. Founded in 2006,  Smith and Vallee Gallery serves as a hub for the artistic community.  Rooted in the homeland of the Northwest Masters, the gallery has successfully expanded its footprint well beyond its region, connecting talented artists with passionate collectors. In addition to exhibiting work, the gallery hosts monthly lectures and demonstrations, creating a gathering place for incubating the arts. Smith & Vallee Gallery is a supporter and donor to the Museum of Northwest Art, and is regarded as a pillar of the Skagit Valley art scene.

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Apr 18, 2024 4:03pm