Call for Applications: Marine Sciences and the Arts Summer 2024 Artist Residency

two artists at a residency at Shannon Point Marine Center
painting of mussels
a boat on the water


Continuing students in Art Studio and Art Education majors are invited to apply for two artist residencies this summer at Western's Shannon Point Marine Center (SMPC) located in Anacortes, WA. The residency will support two students who are interested in communicating marine science and/or climate change issues through their creative work. The Art students selected for this opportunity will join eight Marine Science interns from WWU and around the nation for nine weeks in residence at Shannon Point Marine Center. Working among Marine Science faculty researchers and interns, the two artists-in-residence will create work responding to the effects of climate change in the marine environment. They will participate in workshops on the communication of climate change issues, on understanding ocean acidification, and on microscopy, videography, and other visualization techniques in science.

In addition, they will be stimulated by the research projects of the Marine Science interns, whose topics have included productivity and nutrient cycling in local watershed systems; ocean acidification; marine microbial ecology; marine chemical ecology; physiology of symbiosis; ecology and physiology of seaweeds; invertebrate larval development, physiology, ecology; and environmental toxicology. Throughout the residency, the selected artists will work with a faculty mentor in Art and Art History, who will meet with them weekly.

The Aim

Artwork created through the residency will be directed toward a general audience and communicate some aspect of the impacts of climate change on the marine environment.


At the end of the residency period, the students will present their work at SPMC, and in Fall 2024 they will display their work in an exhibition at the B-Gallery on Western's campus in Bellingham.


The selected students will each receive a $6300 stipend, a $675 food allowance, shared housing, and shared studio space at SPMC for the nine-week session (June 10- August 9).

Faculty Mentors

Art & Art History faculty mentors will meet with the students weekly during the 9-week session, advising students on their projects and presentations, attending all the final presentations at SPMC, and serving as advisors for the Fall exhibition. Faculty mentors will receive a $3,000 stipend.

Who Can Apply?

Applicants must be enrolled in a BA or BFA degree program in Art Studio or Art Education at WWU through Fall quarter 2024. Continuing Western's and SPMC’s tradition of working with diverse students, we strongly encourage applications from underserved, underrepresented, and under-resourced groups. Applications are welcome from students at any stage of their undergraduate degree program.

To Apply

Complete the application form below by May 8, 2024. Please include:

  1. One-page project proposal. The proposal should describe an artistic project you would like to pursue that addresses climate change and the marine environment. Describe the media you expect to use and the scale of the works you intend. Specify any space and equipment needs you may have.
  2. Digital portfolio of 10 images of recent artwork. The digital portfolio should be compiled into a single PDF file and should include an image list with title, medium, size, and year created for each piece.
  3. WWU transcript (unofficial is acceptable).
  4. Letter of support from a prospective faculty mentor in the Department of Art & Art History.


Contact Cara Jaye, Professor of Art, or Brian Bingham, Director of Marine and Coastal Sciences.

Ruby Jones and Abigail Kuchar present at Shannon Point Marine Center

Abigail and Ruby with advisors in front of a large photographic display

Following their summer Art internship at Shannon Point, Ruby Jones and Abigail Kuchar shared what they learned.

vertical strip of four images shows sea life and students at the marine center

Quinton Maldonado Selected to be Artist in Residence at Shannon Point

left: tentacled sea creatures. Right: Quinton Maldonado smiles surrounded by camera equipment

Quinton Maldonado used photography skills to develop a new body of work at Shannon Point through student internship.

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