Design Professor Austin Shaw kicks-off Camp Mograph

Enrapt design enthusiasts lean in to the circle of light, illuminated by firelight and wisdom

Western Washington University’s Department of Design is proud to announce that Assistant Professor Austin Shaw was invited to speak at Camp Mograph 2021, in Portland, Oregon. Established in 2019, Camp Mograph brings together industry leaders for fireside chats and professional workshops in a natural setting. This year’s event sold out in 45 seconds.

Austin Shaw kicked-off the festivities as the opening fireside speaker of the event, followed by Hazel Baird, Emmy Award-Winning Design Director at Elastic, and Beeple (Mike Winkelman), Digital Art Pioneer, NFT Artist and GQ’s "Man of the Year."

Professor Shaw’s talk was moderated by Erin Sarofsky, owner of the design studio Sarofsky, and Shaw’s co-host in the new podcast, "Between the Keyframes". Shaw talked about building a bridge between student and professional as well as balancing client work with passion projects.

a brightly lit figure illuminated in many colors orates from an outdoor stage while attendees sit rapt.

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Sep 21, 2021 2:55pm