Design students impress ad-industry leaders

Design students pitch Wieden+Kennedy

On Friday, Feb 27, the BFA Design students presented design solutions at Wieden+Kennedy in Portland - one of the largest independently-owned advertising agencies in the world.

Preparing themselves to showcase their ideas and executions in an agency context, the students participated in a month-long workshop during Winter quarter with Jason Sack, UX Lead at W+K. Jason presented the students with a design brief to establish a solid foothold and brand presence in the elderly care market by launching innovative new products for elderly health and safety in North America.

Working in teams of two, the students learned how to conduct user research and apply a great deal of empathy in their design work. This brief pushed them to form innovative concepts based on extensive research in the healthcare industry and existing and new technologies. Branded solutions ranged from service design to product design, including the design of wearables, interfaces, packaging, print, and marketing materials.

Students also gained important presentation skills by presenting in a professional setting at Wieden+Kennedy in Portland. During this intensive workshop, they engaged in a complete cycle of the creative process, including concepting, pitching, refining, and executing.

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Apr 26, 2019 3:43pm