Design students win Gold and Silver at the Seattle American Advertising Awards: Daniel Geiszler, Charlotte Offin, and Montana Siddle

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by College of Fine and Performing Arts Staff

Western Washington University’s Department of Design is proud to announce that Daniel Geiszler, Charlotte Offin, and Montana Siddle have each won a Student Addy for the American Advertising Awards, Seattle, 2022.

Geiszler and Offin won in the category "Elements of Advertising, Animation or Special Effects." Siddle won in the category  "Sales & Marketing, Sales Promotion."

Daniel Geiszler won a Gold Addy for his project, "Interstellar," a re-creation of the title sequence for the movie.

Charlotte Offin won a Silver Addy for her project "Rick and Morty" - a re-creation of the title sequence for the television series.

Montana Siddle won a Sivler Addy for "La Café Altura" -  a brand packaging project.

Each students’ work was showcased in the Seattle Addy awards show and will be featured in the yearly awards book.

Geiszler and Offin created projects in Professor Austin Shaw’s Digital Media Design III class where BFA Design students focus on creative problem-solving for advanced motion design projects. Siddle created her project in Professor Alex Egner’s Graphic Design 3D class where students produce identity systems and packaging solutions for brands.

Students photographed by Aric Mayer

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Charlotte Offin

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Daniel Geiszler

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Montana Siddle

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May 23, 2023 3:54pm