Emma Rose DeSantis, 2022 Outstanding Graduate in Dance

Emma Rose DeSantis appears to be stuck to a wall by her shoulder and neck, but it's a visual trick because the image is rotated 90 degrees on pupose, and she's really in a shoulder stand on the floor. The wall is blue, her short dress is burgundy.

Congratulations to our Outstanding Graduates from the College of Fine and Performing Arts, including: Emma Rose DeSantis, Outstanding Graduate of Dance, who worked with contemporary dance theatre Whyteberg based in LA for her Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Dance Capstone performance.

Throughout her time at Western, DeSantis created her own choreography and perfected it on stage. She explored and improved upon new dance styles with Western’s dance clubs, including SINI-HHA, the Hip Hop Dance Team, and Salsa and Bachata. She plans to dance and work for a catering company in Seattle.

Photo by Clinton James Photography

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Aug 10, 2022 11:59am