Kids visit Seiko Purdue's fiber arts studio

June 15, 2017
Visiting Seiko Purdue in her art studio
Seiko demonstrates how to use the loom. We learned to pull the thread through at an angle so the edges are straight and smooth.
Seiko shows us techniques for prepping the piece for dyeing.
Wrapping marbles
Marbles and rocks are used
Mya chose fish cutouts held tight with a pair of vises.
AJ is ready for the dye. He has tightly wrapped popsicle sticks on his material and used a vise to hold a pair of wood cutouts.
Seiko places the work into a bucket of prepared Indigo Dye. This dye is made from a flower which goes through a fermentation processs.
Rinsing well is the final step to finishing the children’s beautiful indigo dyed material.