Learn From Performer Srivani Jade: Day Of Opportunities For All Students

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by Justene Merriman

Open to all students, performer Srivani Jade presents interactive multicultural learning opportunities on Friday, November 17th. This follows a Musicultural Series concert by the Srivani Jade Ensemble the evening before.

Indian Classical Vocalist, composer and educator, Srivani Jade is a captivating performer and story-teller. Her music celebrates the traditions of her culture as experienced through her life and journey. She uses traditional Indian instruments and stories in her music. Her work as both a musician and an educator makes these events both enjoyable and enlightening experiences for all students who attend.

Srivani Jade holding a long Indian string instrument, looking up with a calm, blissful expression

Friday, November 17th

Open to all students

Survey of World Music Cultures course appearance

10:00am - 10:50am Performing Arts Center Concert Hall
  • Singing by Srivani Jade
  • Conversation with Srivani Jade about her background and experiences
  • Q&A with students

Jazz Theory and Improv course appearance

11:00am - 11:50am Performing Arts Center 110

Srivani Jade will teach about Indian Classical music theory. Engage in improvisation activities!

Vocal Improvisation Workshop

3:00pm - 4:00pm Performing Arts Center 16 - Choir Room

Directed toward those that are interested in learning about Indian Classical vocal improvisation, Srivani Jade will lead attendees through a series of exercises and activities that will help them to develop skills in this area.

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