Multimedia Designer Peter Clark AKA Enternull shares experimental techniques with students

3D grid pattern of lines forming an illusion of 3 intersecting cubes

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by College of Fine and Performing Arts Staff

Music videos, commercial advertisements, award ceremony introductions, video trailers and more: who makes those? Multimedia Designers do! Last month Western students in the Design program got to work on projects with big name professional Multimedia Designer Peter Clark, AKA Enternull.

Clark has exhibited work across the globe in the USA, France, Japan and China. His aesthetic is largely influenced by skateboarding, science fiction and playing the drums.  He has worked on projects varying between tour visuals, dome projections, installation art, film titles and branding packages.  His commercial clients include Fender Music, Coachella Music Festival, The Video Game Awards, Nike and Masterclass.  He has also worked on visuals for musicians including Odesza, Martin Garrix, Nine Inch Nails, Labrinth and Lil Yachty.

For 3 days, Design students got to learn experimental animation techniques directly from Peter Clark. This fit in well with the program's curriculum, and it was an exciting privilege to work with a progressive leader in the field. The Design program annually hosts guest speakers like Clark. Lectures are often open to the public, but these students are lucky to be able to work with them too.

A person wearing a mask sits next to a computer with a paused video and looks into a video camera

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Dec 7, 2023 10:11am