Open to all majors this summer: Soundscape Ecology

digital recorder, grass, something shiny on the grass

Gain hands-on skills in field recording, audio engineering and sound design - with a Western Washington University twist.

The course emphasizes acoustic ecology and how we can understand our world by exploring acoustic relationships between organisms, human and other, and their environments.

You'll use 21st-century technology and digital media to gain a deeper appreciation for the acoustic environment and all it portends. Explore themes in Music and Sound Art History, Cultural Studies, and Media Theory.

A final collaborative assignment will provide students with real world experiences in the realm of New Media Public Art planning and execution. This class will appeal to a range of majors and minors including Studio Art, Design, Industrial Design, Journalism, Music, Environmental Studies, Computer Science and STEAM.

Sample assignments can include Amplifying Everyday Objects with Piezo Mics, Web-based Sounds Walks, Electronic Music Jams, and a NEW multi-lingual sound art music video collaboration with students from the NorthWest Indian College.

Course schedule and more details.

Instructor: Sasha Pentrenko, Assistant Professor, Sculpture & Expanded Media

a wall of various audio speakers all stacked together, with the woofers and the tweeters visible.

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May 3, 2021 1:07pm