Outstanding Graduate in Design Anna Schwecke

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What's a good memory of studying design at Western?

I always loved working in the labs after school, and we would put movies on the smartboards and eat snacks. We would all be helping each other with our projects, and just stressing and venting about school and life. There is a unique kind of community within the design department that is really special.

Tell us about your mentors.

I had a lot of different mentors at Western. My coaches, teammates, teachers and classmates all helped me in many ways. In the design department, I really appreciated how real my professors were. Whether that would be through critiquing work, or simply talking about life, they didn't hide or sugar coat anything.

It was also amazing how they acted like real people and treated us like real people. They didn't talk down to us because we were students. They admitted to their flaws. They encouraged us and guided us to becoming the designers and people that they believed we could be. I am also so incredibly thankful for how understanding and flexible the staff was with my crazy basketball schedule.

Life after college?

As for my next steps, I am honestly not entirely sure. I am still trying to figure out my niche within design and where and what I would like to do. I do hope to do some traveling once COVID-19 eases a bit. But for now, I am learning to enjoy life and appreciate things as they come.

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Jun 16, 2020 11:31am