Rich Brown in Oregon Contemporary Theatre's ART

a man in a suit leaps into the air to click his heels

Professor of Theatre Rich Brown has been away from Western Washington University Spring quarter of 2021 on professional leave. As part of his activity, he's performing in Yasmina Reza's award-winning play "Art" at the Oregon Contemporary Theatre, a professional theatre in Eugene, Oregon.
In addition to having a 25% capacity live audience (about 40 patrons), Oregon Contemporary Theatre will be streaming the performances of "Art."  The stream is comprised of a combination of live performance and filmed monologues edited together. The show will be available for on-demand streaming between June 7 and 12.


If you’ve had enough Netflix/Hulu, tune in to Rich Brown in "Art."

"Art" is a dark comedy about three adult men who have been dear friends for fifteen years, until one of them buys an all-white painting for $200,000. The extravagant purchase strains the friendship, calling into question their diverging values - and incomes. Originally premiered in the 1990s, the current experience with COVID has exposed how tenuous many relationships can be, even when we think they are solid - an attestation to the play's lasting relevance.

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Jun 9, 2021 10:28am