Students welcome new sculpture to WWU

Students study near Sarah Sze's sculpture SPLIT STONE (NORTHWEST)

Students welcome and enjoy our latest addition to the sculpture collection at Western Washington University - SPLIT STONE (NORTHWEST by artist Sarah Sze. The sculpture was dedicated in a special ceremony yesterday afternoon.

The piece joins the university’s acclaimed Outdoor Sculpture Collection, joining important works from such artists as Richard Serra, Isamu Noguchi, Anthony Caro, Donald Judd, Robert Morris, Beverly Pepper, Mark di Suvero and Do-ho Suh.

Read more about the installation and the artist.


Students playing frisbee near a sculpture at WWU
Students looking at a sculpture made from a stone split in half with designs traced on the polished exposed halves
Students peering closely at a stone sculpture at Western Washington Universtiy

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Oct 17, 2019 4:11am