Wellness and Musicians: An Introduction to Hearing and Body Health

All music students are encouraged to join us on March 2 at 6:30 pm for the second event in our Wellness and Musicians series.

The event will begin with a Zoom presentation on hearing conservation and health led by Ian Cox. After intermission, WWU Director of Dance Susan Haines will lead a workshop on body health. Zoom participants will be able to observe and ask questions, and in-person attendees can work with Susan directly. Event details below.

This series is for you! We want to hear what your needs are and how we can best support you through this series. Share your ideas for future events via the Wellness and Musicians Series form.

Hearing Conservation and Health

young person seated at a grand piano on a stage in an empty concert hall

Begins at 6:30 p.m. in the Concert Hall or via Zoom

Join Ian Cox (4th-year Audiology Doctoral Candidate) to learn more about the relationship between music and hearing, the importance of hearing conservation, and the resources available to promote your auditory health! Ian Cox also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Music through Linfield College.

Students will be able to ask questions either via a microphone in the Concert Hall or Zoom chat.

Body Health

Susan Haines, Director of Dance

After intermission ~7:15 pm in Concert Hall or via Zoom

Support your art and career longevity with movement and massage to relieve imbalanced muscle use, reduce pain and stress, and build stamina. Susan Haines, Director of Dance and Corrective Exercise Specialist, will share functional neurology-based protocols and myofascial release techniques to support the specific needs of musicians. Bring a yoga mat and a tennis ball/pinky ball if you have one or just bring yourself!

Susan Haines will work with students in-person in the Concert Hall and via zoom. Students attending the event via Zoom can ask questions in the chat.

Learn more about health, wellness, and future events via the Musicians Health and Wellness site.

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Feb 17, 2022 1:14pm