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by College of Fine and Performing Arts Staff

As a public university, Western is committed to being accessible and affordable to any student who wants to pursue higher education. We believe deeply that our students’ unique experiences and backgrounds are their greatest strengths—it’s what makes our community of inclusive teaching and learning thrive.

With your help, we create pathways to lives with purpose

We share a collective responsibility to make sure that every student has a clear pathway toward a meaningful career. We want our students to be wholeheartedly focused on their learning, not worrying about how they’ll pay for college or whether they’ll be faced with the burden of academic debt.

Your support bridges innovation and compassion

For decades, students have been choosing to come to Western because it is one of the rare universities where a future-driven education is supported by a strong liberal arts philosophy. No matter what college or school a Western student chooses, the tangible skills they build are elevated by our thoughtfulness and ability to consider the social, cultural and environmental impacts of the actions we take.

With every generation of students, we deepen our perspectives on what it means to be boldly innovative and compassionate because furthering equity, justice, inclusion and diversity will be our greatest legacy.

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Apr 25, 2024 10:27am