Lisa Toner: Alexander technique for winds

Open to all at no cost

Fri. May 31, 4:00pm PDT

Performing Arts Center 155 - Concert Hall

Disability Accommodations

Equal Opportunity Institution. 24+ hours advance notice is appreciated for accommodations.

It’s easy to recognize beautiful movement in young children, great performers, and elite athletes. Yet, can it be taught? What if you struggle with tension, performance anxiety, or repetitive strain injury? The Alexander Technique offers solutions to these questions, and more! In this workshop for pianists, we will do a large group session for the first hour. We’ll explore how the head-spine relationship affects movement, music-making, and thinking. Then, we’ll learn how to call ourselves into better coordination so that we can do everything with greater clarity, efficiency, and joy. I’ll highlight some functional anatomy principles, address some common misconceptions about movement, and provide you with clear takeaways you can apply right away. During the second hour, I will teach a master class where a few pianists can have an individual lesson. Those watching will be invited to participate and follow along.

I describe the Alexander Technique in various ways, including:

  1. a way to call yourself into coordination so you can do anything better.
  2. a way to become more neuroplastic and deliberately create new patterns
  3. a wish you carry into any activity
  4. a way to consciously direct yourself and have more freedom of choice in your work, play, and life.
  5. an educational method that teaches you to take unnecessary pressure off of your system so that you can move in a more fluid, coordinated way.

Lisa Toner stands in a music studio with a humble sunny smile

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