Electronic Music and Technology - online this summer!

digital music recording station

Music 110 is an asynchronous, online course that will give students an introductory overview of the many facets of electronic music and music technology.

The counts for three credits of Humanities GUR. Go to Classfinder, select "Summer 2022" and type "110" into the Course Number box.

Learn the basics of audio recording, mixing, and editing, the underlying principles of MIDI, the ins and outs of analog and digital synthesis, as well as the fascinating history of electronic music creators, performers, engineers, instruments, devices, and more!

Whether you are just an electronic music appreciator or have already spent some time producing tracks in your favorite Digital Audio Workstation, this class will provide you with a wide-ranging understanding of the vast world of electronic music and music technology through hands-on composition and sound design projects, in addition to assigned listening, movie viewings, readings, and discussions.

The course is taught by Jordan Watson.

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Jun 3, 2022 4:31pm