A message to students about music courses, PAC access, and performances


COVID information for students regarding music course modality, accessing the performing arts center, and status of public performances


We are among the few departments on campus able to offer FTF (face-to-face) experiential courses. Fall and winter academic/lecture courses will be offered remote synchronous or asynchronous. Remaining experiential courses such as ensembles, lessons, and pedagogy courses will be taught FTF, hybrid, or fully remote contingent on faculty decision.  
All students have the right to opt out of FTF instruction for required courses. Students who chose not to participate in FTF instruction will be provided a remote option to obtain access to the curriculum and lectures.

Access to the PAC

Students will be able to access the Performing Arts Center (PA/PAC) for the following reasons: 

  • Access to reserved practice rooms for music majors and minors, and those enrolled in applied lessons, major ensemble, or MUS 166A.
  • Access to reserved remote-learning studios for those enrolled in a remote class that immediately proceeds or follows a FTF music course. 
  • Access to large music classrooms for previously approved rehearsals for piano accompanying and chamber music, jury recordings, or other approved rehearsals. 

Access forms and information can be found by music majors and minors through the music advising canvas course under modules. Non-majors/minors can access information through Music PAC Access google site.

Music Safety Guidelines

Students must: 

  • Complete a COVID-19 attestation form each day they come to campus and submit the Attestation Verification form each day they use a practice room, a remote-learning studio, or reserved rehearsal space.. 
  • Regularly be tested for COVID-19 according to the university guidelines and follow all other preventative measures.
  • Always wear a mask in the PAC. Guitar, percussion, piano, and string students must keep their mask on at all times. Brass, voice, and wind students may remove their mask once securely practice room, remote-learning studio, reserved rehearsal space.
  • Sanitize practice room space according to the instructions located in the practice room hallway and inside the room.
  • Do NOT enter a room unless reserved for a scheduled FTF class, or reserved practice, remote-learning, or rehearsal.
  • Leave immediately after the reservation or class time has ended.

Failure to adhere to safety guidelines will result in loss of PAC access privileges. Your cooperation is a shared responsibility and crucial for the safety of all students, faculty, and staff in the CFPA. 


Public performances are cancelled for fall, 2020, and winter, 2021. Performances and degree recitals will be recorded and broadcast on our livestreaming website on scheduled dates.


-Patrick Roulet
Professor, Chair, Music


Updated On

Nov 20, 2020 2:14pm