Beth LeonardWelcome to the Department of Theatre and Dance!

"It is the pleasure of all the students, faculty and staff in the Department of Theatre & Dance to welcome you to Western Washington University. You are so invited to audition for any and all of our productions. Just come to the Performing Arts Center, tap anyone on the shoulder and ask them to point you in the direction of the Theatre & Dance Office. We are here for you!"

Beth Leonard, M.F.A, A.B.D., Chair, Department of Theatre & Dance

On Stage

Vintage candlestick surrounded by fir boughs and holly, in front of a swirly red background
A Christmas Carol: The Musical

Enjoy all the nostalgia of the holidays wrapped up in this lively musical retelling.

Winter Dances
Winter Dances 2016

The performances in “Winter Dances” are contemporary and impressi

Funeral procession of Ginger Goodwin
The Ballad of Ginger Goodwin

In 1918, miner and union activist Albert "Ginger" Goodwin was hunted down and killed. Ever since, politicians and newspapers have been fighting to erase his story.

How I Learned to Drive

An affair between Li’l Bit and her Uncle Peck leads audiences on a journey over the several years of this young girl’s transformation into adulthood.